Any of you know a compulsive liar? What is the most ridiculous thing they ever told you?

  1. That time she snorted Cocaine with Charlie Sheen in Vegas

    About a week later, she happened to be talking about how her dream is to meet him

  2. I worked with a kid who said that cars started merging from both sides into his lane, and that he had to use both his hands at the same time to push them away.

  3. Um…His friend designed Master Chief from Halo and so he got early access. He “picked up a sniper rifle and found a hiding spot, then killed people as they logged in.”…because that’s how Halo works.

  4. A 300 lb co-worker who claimed to run 5 miles every morning with his pals from the SWAT team. And he owned a classic car that I insisted he bring in to show off and the next day he said he was in an accident on the way to work and it was now written off. And he owned every business in the damn country but couldn’t afford to lose his $30/hr job. It was endless. Too many to list.

  5. Living in NYC a girl told me she owned a horse in Upstate New York. While going on a trip to Upstate New York, she said I must have misheard her and said her horse was actually in ANOTHER state NOT New York. While planning a cross country trip we say, “hey lets stop by your farm where your horse is at. It must have been forever since you’ve seen it last!” She says it’s sold to a family friend. Can we visit that family friend? Nope, now it’s dead.

  6. I wonder how many compulsive liars came on this thread and made up stories about compulsive liars that don’t exist, just to one-up everybody else?

  7. My friend is an only child and he used to deny drawing on the walls at home

  8. I’ve known a few through the years, but my teenage son has a friend that tops the list (of the people I know). Eric is his name, and he came up with some far out there shit.

    Eric was constantly spewing shit, but the best was when the Xbox 1 was just about to be released. My son was in about 5th grade at the time, so still susceptible to believing crazy stuff.

    About a month and a half prior to the Xbox 1 release, I took my son to Gamestop. I think we were going to try and pre-order it, but for whatever reason we weren’t able to do it at the time. So, I told my son “as soon as we can physically get one, we will…I promise”. So, the next day at school, my son tell’s Eric. Being Eric, he had to one up my son, so he tells my son that his dad “worked all weekend in the garage and made an Xbox 1 out of an old lawn mower engine combined with his Xbox 360”. My son comes home and asks me to replicate that feat of engineering.

    It took me a while to stop laughing long enough to explain that Eric was, once again, full of complete shit.

    Here’s the kicker though, his mom (who was pretty hot) was one of those “my kid could never do anything wrong”, kind of enabler parents. So, one day I’m waiting on my kid to get out of school and I tell her the story (thinking she’ll laugh along with me). To my complete surprise, she says something like “Well, (Eric’s dad) is really good with tools and does spend a lot of time in the garage, so he probably did make one for Eric”. It took me about a millisecond to realize why Eric was so full of shit.

  9. A classmate told me that he owned Philadelphia Airport and had four private jets, a Bentley, and a Ferrari.

  10. I had a friend from high school who would tell the most ridiculous stories about what he did when he was away at school. Crazy drugs, raging every night, ridiculous orgies, the works. All this, despite the fact I’d never seen him do any drugs, drink even a bit excessively, or even talk to a girl. Never doubted him because he was always a little weird, and besides, he was my friend. Why would he lie?

    He told one story one day that was just a little too ridiculous. Too many drugs, too many girls, too much exaggeration. The seed of doubt was planted, and it kept growing with each detail.

    Fast forward to a birthday party a few years later. I finally meet one of his college friends. We get to talking, and she tells me about how she heard all about the crazy stuff that happened back when he was at home with us. All the drugs, all the girls, all the partying we did with him when he was away from school.

    We both had a realization that day about our friend, and I’m pretty sure we both wrote him off after that. Haven’t spoken to him in a long time.

  11. When I was in high school,I had a friend who was a compulsive liar. One day, we were at his house, and were were having a snack of milk and cookies (Oreo’s, I think?) And he poured two glasses of milk, one for me one for him. He takes a drink of his milk and says “that’s some good beer!” Mind you, the milk jug is still on the table, and there is no question that it’s milk. I asked him “what are you talking about? That’s milk.” He was not joking (he had done similar things like this before), and he got legitimately mad and actually hostile towards me when I suggested that his “beer” was actually just milk. It was pathological with him. He would blatantly lie needlessly about mundane things, and he would get angry if anyone pointed out obvious falsities. It was very strange to observe.

  12. This guy named Chip, who grew up on my block.

    He has claimed over the years (and some people actually believe him):

    He’s the world’s most dangerous hacker and the gov’t pays him not to incite WW3.

    He’s a real magician (he can actually do magic, in the literal sense).

    He has slept with over 5,000 women.

    He was offered the spot of GM by the San Diego Chargers, but turned it down because he was too busy focusing on his startup…which leads me to his fucking startup.

    He claims his startup has generated $50 million in his 2nd year. He sells posters and keychains. He hasn’t sold maybe 10 posters the entire time the site has been up. He will write a “review” print it, tape it, with scotch tape, to the inside of a Fast Company magazine, and then post it on his FB about “got another writeup today in Fast Company. Big things are happening”.

    He claims to be buddies with Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates, although he’s probably never left Kansas.

    He says he was in the military and served as a Delta Force, but it sworn to secrecy and isn’t allowed to tell anyone any details of his time served.

    If you question or disagree with him, he goes into a tirade and basically just screams over everyone and storms off because you “insulted” him and then he’ll call you out online calling you a “hater”.

    I can’t stand Chip. He’s on my FB just for entertainment purposes now.


    Here are some more fun facts about Chip.

    In 2010 when Skrillex got big, Chip had the original idea to become a dubstep producer. So Chip stole his mom’s credit card, bought a bunch of studio gear, and tried to make dubstep. For months, he rambled about how he’s going to be the next Skrillex and convinced himself that he’d be touring with Skrillex and/or Deadmau5 within a few months. He “released” 3 songs on Soundcloud then paid India to “like” his tracks. The songs sounded like dog shit. We then find out that he paid someone to write these Chiptastic masterpieces.

    He did the ice bucket challenge using warm water and faked being cold.

    He tried telling everyone that he created Bitcoin.

    When Chip introduces himself to people, he calls himself a “guru”.

    He thinks homosexuality has the same severity as being a pedophile (edited to make sense).

    He’s one of these guys who pays money to attend MLB batting practice or an NFL scrimmage, then gets his pics taken with players. Last year he posted a pic with Eric Weddle and captioned “My new startup – Elite Athletes Agency. First signing, Weddle” (Eric Weddle is not even looking at the camera, just signing his football).

    He also does this with bands. He’ll go to Warped Tour and take a pic with some band guy and caption it “Talking business with New Found Glory. Stay tuned haters”

    He claims he can work out and get ripped in 2 weeks but he needs his fat for power lifting. He’s 5’6″ and 230 lbs. He can’t bench a bowling ball.

    He got hair plugs but was too bald and is too cheap to get them done fully, so now his crown looks like a perfectly-rowed apple orchard. When you ask him about it, he denies that he ever got hair plugs and calls you a hater. It looks like a freshly-seeded garden with rows of hairs poking out of his scalp.

    He started watching Airline Repo and is now telling everyone that he repossesses airplanes.
    [Edited for grammar]

  13. I had a college roommate at a state university that played for the marching band. Over the course of 5 years he had convinced myself and friends that he (among many other things)….

    1. Played a concert with Eric Clapton
    2. Performed in the Broadway play, Wicked
    3. Recorded an album with Billy Joel
    4. Owned a Maserati
    5. Got an entry level job offer from a MAJOR wealth management company as a senior financial analyst starting at $300k with signing and moving bonuses. Oh yeah and he was a Finance and Music double major that couldn’t finish his Finance degree due to making a D+ in Financial Accounting.

    It blew my mind when I found out he had been lying the entire time. He always managed to make everything so believable by providing backup evidence like a signed album from Billy Joel that he gave me or taking numerous pictures with a Maserati or even getting his parents to confirm he played in Wicked. It wasn’t until a mutual friend grabbed me aside and explained that everything he had told me was a lie. Mind blown. It sounds ludicrous think anyone would believe it until you fall victim to a pathological liar’s web of deceit. The sad part is there was really no point in making all of this stuff up. He had nothing to gain.

    **edit for grammar

  14. As an alcoholic, I used the “my grandfather passed away” excuse to get off of work one weekend. The next week, I used “my grandmother passed away too” to get off work again.

  15. Sorry by my english, brazilian here
    At high school, this guy arrives and says the following:
    “I was walking here this morning. When i was walking by a mango tree, i heard some noise by the leaves above me, so i do a 180° spin, open my hand with the hand palm facing up, and i manage to catch a falling mango. A woman that was passing by saw this and gave me her number because she said it was very hot to see”