15 Greatest Weaknesses of Americans

  1. Seeing the OP’s name made me giggle.

    I think some of you may have looked over that

  2. A big butt and a smile but I’ve been warned never to trust one.

  3. Foreign Language

  4. Fire. Definitely. We need some more rock types in our lineup.

  5. Freedom doesn’t have any weaknesses.

  6. Sugar coated everything. We are easily distracted by sweet treats.

  7. Our easily injured knees. But that is true for all people I suppose.

  8. We inappropriately take partisans approach and make partisan decisions on matters that shouldn’t be partisan.
    Examples are education with the Common Core or No Child Left Behind. Or interpreting the Constitution in unfair ways: an example being Plessy v. Ferguson.

  9. No real representation.

    Money makes law in the US, via the elected “representatives”.

  10. My greatest weakness? My pistol only carries six rounds.

  11. Nice try, foreign terrorist organization.

  12. If you flip us on our back we can’t get back up. Like turtles but squishy and kinda gross.

  13. Puppies who like belly rubs.

  14. The two party system.

  15. We don’t produce engineers at the rates other countries have. The vast majority of programmers at most big software companies are immigrants. Not just from India, but Europe, the Middle East, everywhere else.

    Nothing wrong with immigrants, it’s good that we’re attracting talent from all around the globe – but when there are fewer programmers from the US than from each of Ukraine, Poland, Lebanon… (at my company anyway) -in my mind that represents a failure to prepare citizens for the jobs that we need.