Guys of reddit, what are the most cringeworthy things women do?

  1. Tell their friends everything about you. Can go really well or be incredibly awkward depending on if you threw up in her bed one night…

  2. The first time I met my girlfriend’s work friends, the first words one of them said to me were, “You break her heart and I break your penis”, then she hugged me, squealed and laughed, thinking it was the funniest thing in the world.

    I didn’t hug back.

  3. High pitch squeals when they see each other.

    Stop exploding my ear drums!

  4. Make guys jealous if they like them.

    All my female friends have admitted to doing this, and I just can not wrap my head around it.

  5. Trying to drop hints instead of just directly saying what they are thinking.

  6. …passive agression

  7. Babytalk, especially during intimate moments.

    It’s not cute, it just makes me feel like I’m trying to get in the panties of a 3 year old trapped in the wrong body.

  8. I hate when girls say “Almost all of my friends are guys.” This does not impress me, I don’t know why, but it’s more of a turn-off actually.

  9. Act like total enthusiasts of whatever their current bf does. One of my wife’s best friends is like this…and she’s in and out of relationships every 6-7 months…and usually plans to marry every-other one. So she was “engaged” to a navy guy and all of a sudden she was all about living on the base and the BS “if you’re not a navy wife you ain’t shit” kick. Then she dated a guy who liked to go off-roading. Guess who sold her car for some POS jeep and talked about nothing but off roading? Then she met some southern guy who convinced her to move to South Carolina. Within a week she gave my wife a call and proceeded to tell her that the accent grew on her THAT quickly and it’s the way she talks now (she’s a 24yo white girl who’s lived in CT her hole life) Endless FB posts about how “you don’t know hospitality unless you’re a southerner” Guess who’s moving back and miraculously LOST her new accent? It’s more sad than cringeworthy. But it’s like…are you THAT insecure about your identity? Do you even know what YOU actually like and enjoy doing?

    TL;DR girls who immerse themselves in the identity of their SO

  10. When you both want to go out but neither of you has any idea what you want to do. It’s cringe worthy on both sides. But its worse when one party starts making suggestions and the other shuts it down immediately.

  11. That thing where they passive aggressively quote some popstar/song lyric/poem on Facebook.

  12. Screech when they see a friend.

  13. Ok, so i had three different women who don’t know each other ask me to flex my penis and found it funny/amusing, is that a common thing women do?

  14. Okay guys, not a guy but I’ll give you a cringy thing some women do – keep their money/cards in their bra and then pull it out and hand it to people. i.e. me, the cashier. I had some woman give me a couple bills that were actually wet with her fucking boob sweat. Why some women think this is okay behaviour, I don’t know. If a guy tried to pull some money out from his crotch covered in ball sweat people would lose their shit. But boob sweat? Oh sure, yeah, people don’t mind handling things covered in boob sweat! Seriously, it’s so gross.

  15. Playing dumb or acting stupid (on purpose). Although maybe I tend to attract a certain group of women…

What was supposed to be “The Next Big Thing” but ended up becoming a flop?

  1. Google wave. I was onboard from the beginning but none of my friends would use it.

  2. Anyone remember about ten years ago when Second Life was all over the news?

  3. Target in Canada?

  4. A minor example I’m only posting because I was just looking her up:

    Mena Suvari. In 1999, she was in American Pie and American Beauty, meaning that in that one year, she went from relatively unknown to being tremendously successful at both ends of the Hollywood spectrum.

    And then she just worked her way steadily down from there.

  5. The Ouya.

  6. That phone that had a facebook button

    Edit: it was/is called the HTC Status. this is what it looks like

  7. 3D television.

    I knew a bunch of people who went right out and bought their fancy new TVs and glasses. Well, look where we are today. You see nothing for 3D televisions, now its 4K.

  8. Comet ISON

    This was the comet a year or two ago that everyone was saying could be the brightest thing in thousands of years to the point of being visible in the daytime. Ended up just breaking up into chunks as it rounded the sun, and that was the end of that. 🙁

  9. Encarta.

    My mother once had a side-job selling World Book encyclopedias, and they had some anti-CD-ROM propaganda in the early 90’s about how the plastic used is cheap, can degrade over time, and that the physical World Book set would be a better, longer-lasting value. The next year, World Book came out with an overpriced version of the same thing. Now we just use Google.

  10. Prime day

  11. What was the alternative to Blue ray again?

  12. The Segway is the obvious answer here. Steve Jobs said it was going to be “as big a deal as the PC”. John Doerr said it would be bigger than the internet. It was so hyped that South Park had an entire episode dedicated to the speculation of what the product might be.

    Certainly a “flop” when you consider that the creator was quoted in Time magazine saying it would replace the car.

    Edit: Ok, ok, I get it: there are conflicting stories about how Steve Jobs initially felt about the Segway. The same author, Steve Kemper, quoted Jobs as saying “cities would be built around it” in 2001 and then quoted him as saying “it sucks” in 2003. It doesn’t change the fact that this was supposed to be a revolutionary invention and not a novelty used solely by mall security to get to Mrs. Fields faster.

  13. Amazon Fire Phone.

  14. Those parachute pants didn’t work at all

  15. Kony 2012

Clubbers of Reddit, what are your best tips for people new to clubbing?

  1. Get drunk before you go. It takes the edge off when you remember you’re taking something’s life.

  2. Thought I had a great answer but can now see you were asking about seals.

  3. I really should have specified this more shouldn’t I..?

  4. Everyone is so focused on technique, and outcome. The real trick to clubbing is just have fun.

  5. I’m too high for this thread.

  6. Wear old clothes. Blood spatter’s a bitch to clean off.

  7. Don’t get too self conscious, just imagine you are at home listening to your favourite tunes and club that seal as if no one is watching.

  8. If the seal squirms just hit it again, don’t stop or you’ll give it a window.

  9. Keep a firm grip, and use one hand for precision and two hands for power.

What is easier to get into than it is to get out of?

  1. Bed.

    Especially true when it’s cold out.

  2. a well

  3. A cult.

  4. Debt

  5. As a 30 year old man, I can honestly say it’s easier to get into my son’s red and yellow Fisher Price car than it is to get out of. Getting out requires a hacksaw. And a new car.

  6. A sporting event. Leaving is a clusterfuck.

  7. Trouble

  8. A black hole.

  9. Chinese Finger Trap.

  10. Smoking

  11. Leather pants?

  12. The mafia. Any one, take your pick…

  13. That thing in Saw, where you put your arms inside to get something from it but when you pull out the knives cut you.

  14. Marriage

  15. Getting fat. It’s so easy to pack the weight on. Not as easy to make the lifestyle change to get it off.

Parent of a “weird kid”, how did you react when you realized that your kid did weird/creepy stuff?

  1. I dunno if it’s creepy, but my son LOVES fat bellies. When he was younger he used to hug people and smush his face in their bellies, he always liked our fat friends the best. He’s 7 now and still keen. I have to remind him that ladies don’t like being told they’ve got a nice big squishy belly.

  2. Not my kid, but my nephew. He’s 10 years old and is being taken out of school for homeschooling. He’s had major trouble learning and fitting into the classroom in general.

    The “weird kid” aspect is this “crush” that he has on a girl in his class. I hesitate to say crush, because it’s full on creepy 10 year old stalking. His parents have had probably 30 talks with him about moving on and that this girl does not, will not ever see him as anything positive and that he needs to get over it. He has seen 2 different counselors who recommend he be taken out of any situation in which he might be around her, because he’s completely obsessed with her.

    This causes him to have a panic attack, because it’s “part of his identity”. His exact words were “If I’m not the boy who likes ____ then I don’t even know who I am. That’s me, I’m the boy who likes ____.”

    He isn’t allowed to have any type of electronics that can take pictures, because he took his ipod to school and took a bunch of pictures of this girl.

    His parents are worried about where this will go, so to try and combat it, they have pulled him out of school and he’s in serious counselling. He’s a sweet kid, but holy fuck does he have some major fundamental problems.

  3. I baby sat the neighbours kids, when the parents went out the little boy, around 6 told me ‘I’m going to kill mummy’ and took me to the top of the stairs where he’d tied string across the bannisters at ankle level

  4. When I was supervising her in the bath she stood up, dropped her wash cloth in the water, stood on it to push it under the water and menacingly whispered “Now think about what you’ve done.”

    Funny in hindsight, but at the time I was a little concerned that my daughter tried to drown a wash cloth.

  5. He’s not my kid, but my godson is extremely creepy. He likes to stand in his little sister’s doorway while she naps and watches her sleep. I ask him why and he says, “it’s the closest I can get to seeing her dead.” He also likes to shove her fist in his mouth as far as it can go because he wants to “know what suffocating is like, just in case.” I’m pretty sure he’d be a serial killer if it wasn’t for Mario Kart.
    Edit: he is 8. She is 5. He hasn’t done as many creepy things lately. It was mostly right after she was born, he had a hard time adjusting. He still says the odd weird thing here and there but nothing as bad as what I mentioned above. His offhand comments are much more innocent, such as “I’m going to sell you on Kijiji” and “I’m going to sell you for a quarter and ask for change” to his sister. Also his character in Mario Kart is always Yoshi and although he is unhealthily obsessed with the game, he’s an otherwise normal 8 year old.

  6. My 3 year old daughter loves old monster movies. I’m in the habit of putting a movie on while I clean the house. I plugged on King Kong (1933). Next thing I know my daughter is entralled. She can’t stop creaming “Whats that? A Monster!” and crying…CRYING when Kong kills a dinosaur. I asked her 5 times if she wanted me to stop the movie and got an emphatic “NO!” Since then she’s gone on to fall in love with Ray Harryhausen films and Godzilla films. She cries her eyes out every time Mothra leaves Earth in Godzilla vs Mothra: the Battle for Earth. My wife was concerned that a 3 year old actually enjoys crying and watching movies that make her sad or scared. I just shrugged and found some old Kong and Godzilla toys on ebay. When her friends who are girls come over she tries to get them to play monsters. They look at her like they have no clue what she’s asking. I was a weird kid myself so my only hope is that I can convey to her that there is nothing wrong with being in to things other kids aren’t. That it makes her unique and cool and interesting.

  7. My kid is a classical musician, we’re the village idiots so I have no idea where this talent came from, but he is known as the weirdo in the family.

    Don’t get me wrong we’re very proud, and there really is nothing quite so moving as listening to The Planets live from some Major Performing Arts Centre, it has been a real education for us. Alas, we really don’t fit in when we attend his concerts and we are the weirdos.

  8. I’ve told this story once before on a similar thread, so here goes. My kid hid a dead animal, it’s escaping me what kind arm either bird or squirrel. He kept it there for long time, til it began to stink up everything. When found I thought oh shit am I raising a serial killer? I watched him closely for years. He’s fine now, in college , good grades etc. if he’s a serial killer I have no idea.

  9. My son is obsessed with roller coasters that he runs around the house making wooshing noises and banking at the turns. He’s 13. In the law of averages, someone has to be below the average line. My son is weird and I have accepted that he will be the weird kid in school. In fact, you’re welcome that you can say “at least little Billy isn’t like that kid.”

  10. I come home from work one night to find my darling two year old blonde daughter standing at the top of the stairs staring up at the full moon in her jammies, teddy bear in hand. She should have been in bed by this time.

    Not wanting to scare her i walked up the stairs, knelt down next to her and asked her what she was thinking about.

    I was imagining she would say something childish like “is the moon really made of cheese daddy?” Something cute like that.

    Instead, she turns to face me with a very serious look in her face and in a very serious and creepy monotone voice says to me: “We are all in the same cage!”

    Two years old! I nearly died of fright. i literally recoiled from her and ran back down the stairs backwards. I couldn’t believe it.

    She said a few more creepy things like that but it stopped after a while.

    Update. that was 12 years ago. She has since turned into a very happy and well adjusted teenager who is only slightly in league with Satan. 😉

  11. My kid is into nature documentaries. Very into nature documentaries. One day, when he was 3 years old, my wife was getting his bath ready. She was bent over the tub, checking the water temperature. My son shoved his face in her ass, took a huge wiff, walked away and said “Ahh! Dominant female butt!”

    I have since realized not only is he into nature and its beasts, but he retains almost anything he sees while watching those educational shows.

    He is also most likely going to be an ass-man.

  12. Not my kid but my niece.. A few months ago I read a similar thread and later that night just for fun I asked me brother and his wife if their kids ever did any creepy. They both immediately looked at eachother and seemed surprised that I had asked.

    Apparently the last few couple of weeks they would hear my niece talking to her self in her bed room. They assumed it was just playful imagination so they didint give it mutch thought. One day however my brother asked her who she kept talking to, she said it was her new best friend Satan that visits her at her window every day. Her window is close to the ground so they were seriously concerned that there was someone actually going up to her window and kept a closer eye on her for th next few days. Every single time they would hear her talking he would go outside to her windows but never found anyone. They began asking her more about his new friend and apart from his name being Satan she mentioned hay he folows her everywhere she goes and that he promised her he will bring her a cake one day. At a late cookout at my parents a week before they mentioned that she took her mom outside to he back yard and pointed at the pitch black backyard and told her that her friend Satan was there and she wanted to meet her also. That made chills run down my spine since I was at that cookout also. After that they made her promise she wouldn’t talk to Satan anymore. Haven’t checked with my brother how that worked out tho.


    So I got a chance to talk to my brother and not much happened since then. After all of that happens since they know it was not someone actually at her window and to not scare her they simply they kept close attention who she brought up in conversations. A while of not hearing about it my brother and his wife asked her about Satan and she just said she doesn’t see him anymore. They haven’t heard about him since then.. That was about 6 months ago. Now the only friends she talks about are her soccer team friends. Btw she’s 5.

  13. My cousin is creepy. Smashed his pet hamster to death around age five with a toy firetruck.

  14. He’s unbelievably interested in bugs of all sorts. In second grade, his class was learning about bugs and their body parts. Thorax, abdomen, etc. His test asked him to circle all the pictures of bugs that had ‘mandibles.’

    He got a point off for not circling a mosquito. He went and talked to the teacher and told her that the mosquito has a proboscis, not a mandible. She gave him the point back.

    Edit: its me, I’m the weird kid who likes bugs.

  15. My son has said that when he kills someone he’ll put their body on the train tracks so no one will know they were murdered.

    And then he said if anyone saw him he’d have to put their body on the train tracks too.

    He was 6.

    I embrace his dark side. It’ll help out a lot in the future zombie invasion.

What’s the weirdest first date you ever had?

  1. Met a guy at the skate park when I was 14, he asked if I’d go out with him the next day. I thought he was gorgeous, and when he said I should dress up I expected something special.

    He took me to his little sister’s funeral.

  2. I went on a date with a guy I had met online. He wanted to meet for drinks, so I went to the pub and waited. He showed up 20 minutes late on his bicycle, proceeded to come into the bar and down two pints after giving me a point and a wink. I overheard him tell the waitress to “put it on his tab” and then he came over to the table with another beer. He proceeded to tell me about his two boys (no mention of them in our previous conversation) and how his mom wanted to take them all to Disney World. He told her that would be too expensive, so he left his boys at home and he and his mom went to Disney World instead. Then he proceeded to tell me that he rode his bike everywhere because after his sixth DUI, “those dumbass cops” took his license away. He mocked me for drinking water, then in his next breath told me that he could really see falling in love with me. In 20 minutes, I got about ten words out, and most of them were me telling him I had to go.

    I later found out that he worked for a friend’s father, and that he was married.

  3. I went to the cinema with a school friend. At this point I didn’t even know it was meant to be a date. Afterwards he asked if I wanted to play some games at his place. So I said yes. As soon as I walked into his front room I was met with about 8 of his family members. He had invited over most of his family to meet me. They all believed I was his girlfriend, and that we had just come back from a date together. I felt very uncomfortable, and couldn’t bring myself to tell them that we weren’t actually boyfriend/girlfriend.

  4. Date was ending, got in my car after saying bye, looked over and he had his weiner out and was stroking it.

  5. A childhood friend of mine asked me to go to dinner after we ran into each other at a party. I thought this would be great as she had gotten pretty cute since last time I’d seen her and it was all was going well when we were texting. I met her at the restaurant and to my surprise there was a middle aged business looking guy there as well. As soon I sat down both of them tried to recruit me to a one of those pyramid marketing schemes. After I declined and went home I would get texts regularly over the next month asking me what went wrong and why I didn’t want to make all this easy money. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even get to order dinner as well.

  6. Showed up for internet based date. She shows up with a dude. Expected me to pay for them both to eat and drink for the evening. WTF?

  7. He cheated at bar trivia, used Purell on the silverware, and got into an altercation with a homeless man on the way out of the bar.

  8. In college, I met this girl in class. We started texting a bit and after a few days she asked me if I wanted to come over for movie night. I accepted and on Saturday night I showed up at the address she gave me. What she failed to tell me is that she still lived at home with her parents and the movie night included her family. She was waiting on the porch so it was too late to bail. Her family was very nice and inviting so I decided to just go with it.


    I ended up on one end of the couch, she was in the middle, and her mother was on the other side. Her father was in a chair about 5 feet to my right and her little sister was laying on the ground in front of us. She got “cold” and got a blanket, put it over both of us, and attempted to undo my belt…while we are surrounded by her family.

    I looked at her, shook my head, and pushed her hand away. She looked disappointed but 15 minutes later she just started rubbing it through my pants anyways. As soon as the movie was done, I said goodbye to everyone and left as quick as possible.


    I ignored her texts for about two weeks until she texted me when I was drunk out at the bars. I let her pick me up, take me back to my place, and had some weird, kinky, drunken sex. Haven’t heard from her since.

    6.5/10 would do again.

  9. Went out with a dude who was a few years younger than me. At the time, I was late 20s and he was early 20s, so I didn’t think much of it.

    We went to dinner first. After dinner, he wasn’t ready for the date to be over yet, so we went driving around. I was driving, but I got the feeling he was steering me someplace specific (hey let’s go left here, I don’t know what’s down this way!) Didn’t get a creepy vibe from him at all, and I was the one driving anyway, so I just went with it.

    Eventually we ended up near a shopping mall. “Hey let’s go in, just for fun, I haven’t been to the mall in ages!” K, sure, why not.

    This is where this began to be the weirdest date of my life. For the next 90 minutes or so, he kept acting like he was walking aimlessly, but then would make a beeline for specific stores. Each time I noticed this, he would just happen to have a friend working in that store right now, isn’t that so weird that we’d run into my friend here!

    After the 3rd time it happened, I really began to feel like I was going on a tour to be introduced to all his friends in an effort to prove that he knew a girl.

    Finally, we left the mall, and he suggested we stop for ice cream to end the evening. There was a Cold Stone Creamery nearby and I suggested it. No, he wanted to head back toward the restaurant where he’d left his car. Okay, reasonable enough.

    If you guessed that he wanted to go to a Dairy Queen where two of his buddies worked, you are way better at predicting things than I was.

  10. He was a lab partner in college, he asked me out, we met for dinner. He locked eyes with me over his salad and told me he thought I was “as beautiful as Hitler’s niece”. I could not look less like her, but okay. He was a little intense and a good deal larger and stronger than I, so I texted a girlfriend to meet me at the bar across the street so I’d have an excuse to run after our date ended. He then described to me how he thought I’d be “exquisite while pregnant” and how he’d searched “so long for a woman so compatible with his genes and heritage”, rolling his sleeve to expose a swastika tattoo. It was then I excused myself to the ladies’ and noped out the kitchen into the waiting arms of my best friend. I had to change my number, he was so insistent.

  11. Went to a Japanese steakhouse. Date heckled the chef and threw pieces of food at the next table. She pissed off the chef so much he doused her plate and set it on fire, then walked away. Plate was completely engulfed in flames.

    Weirdest date ever, couldn’t wait to get away from her.

  12. 30 minute dinner at the Macaroni Grill. Then went to Petsmart and followed her around the horse feed section. Total date time 45 minutes.

  13. We are walking around and a guy asks us if we want drinks, that he is holding. I say no, we keep walking and he is clearly following us, we change roads, side of road and walk off into the darkness.

    Went to a pier, started making out and she sits on my lap grinding me for over an hour. She tells me she heard a noise behind us, we see nothing, keep making out. No one was there it was a dark quiet pier.

    We make out for a while and I close my eyes, after who knows how long I open them and a guy 40 – 50 years old, big build wearing a leather jacket with one hand in the pocket asks if he can join in and tries to kiss my date. I push him away and tell him I’m calling the police, he tries to grab her but she slaps him and I stand in the way.

    He is in our path to leave, my phone has 0 battery and I know that. He still has his right hand in his pocket, which to me means strong possibility of a knife. I wasn’t about to die for this and contemplated if I could push him hard enough for him to fall off the pier and make a run for it, but it wasn’t a sure thing and I was terrified.

    I take out my 0% battery phone and pretend to dial, and put it to my ear. He starts running away and we stay back. My date starts crying, I hug her and we walk away.

    EDIT: I was roughly 15 years old at the time, overweight, and couldn’t even do a push up or pull up, so yea i was gonna die if things got physical.

  14. The first time I dated someone from Tinder, the date turned out to be a recruiting event for one of those Costa Coffee pyramid scams.
    Apparently the guy was missing his quota so he used Tinder as a recruiting tool. Unfortunately for him, I realized quickly what it was and left ASAP. Fuck that guy.

  15. Date lied about her age. Turns out she didn’t have her license, and her parents ended up driving her there and stayed for the meal. Ended up meeting the parents on the first date with my date. I got a free meal out of it so it wasn’t all bad.

[Serious]Muslims of Reddit, how much did your life change after 9/11?

  1. My family lived in Staten Island, New York when 9/11 happened. People would spit at my mom when she’d walk down the street and one time the electricity went out in our apartment building and the police came. All of the neighbors were talking to them and pointing at our apartment. I was younger when it happened so I only know what my parents told me.

  2. My friends treated my family and I differently. We stopped getting invited to events like birthday parties and such. This was a big deal because in my old neighborhood when you had a birthday the entire neighborhood was invited to celebrate with you. We were all friends. When my brothers and I walked up to a friend’s party we were straight up told to leave. My parents chewed them out on their blatant religious hate after that.

    Also some teenagers from my eldest brother’s school egged our house and spray painted terrorists on our walkway. The dumbasses were caught in a week because our neighbor was a cop. Thank god he was the only neighbor to remain our friend because we felt so alone and scared after that.

    Edit: religious hate not racism. My bad

  3. Thankfully not too drastically. I just remember being occasionally taunted as a child/teenager and called a terrorist. That and other similar ignorant comments. Never been attacked, verbally insulted, or targeted otherwise.

  4. My uncle lost his job as a jet pilot. My white neighborhood friends stopped talking to me, and their parents were scared of my mom for wearing the hijab. My other neighbors who were Asian/African American were pretty straight forward in asking about our religion and how they felt bad for us during this period of time. Mind you I live in Southern California, where it’s really diverse and people are accepting. It was pretty rough for the first couple of weeks, and I was too young to realize why my friends didn’t want me at their house, or why my friends dad didn’t let me near his son. Things eventually simmered down, but up until then it was annoying.

  5. As a Muslim I didn’t have any problems growing up until 1979, after the Iranian hostage crisis. At that point, we became a hated group. After 9/11, I didn’t really have a problem with anyone, but my wife, who wears a scarf, was berated daily. Until this dY, if we go for a walk to ether, we’ll have someone yell obscenities at us from their car. None of our neighbors interact with us, none. I would say that’s better then them treating us poorly. I’d rather be left alone then to be made to feel like I don’t belong here. Also, my family emigrated to the USA in 1896, linger than most of our neighbors. It’s funny when people tell me that I speak very good English.

  6. My name was Osama. Had to change it cause people would no longer treat me the same way. I was 6 at the time.

  7. Shortly after, not too much honestly. I think it’s because of where I grew up and I’m not arab or darker skinned. My mom stopped wearing hijab didn’t let me wear it for ages though, and is still super against it, because it “draws unnecessary attention.” I’m always pulled aside for a search in airports. It’s a hassle because they want me to take my scarf off, but need to call in a female security agent. Some’ll be dicks about it and say I’m not allowed to do that. Also sometimes the style I did my scarf is super nice and it takes forever to get it back the way I originally had it.

    Now that I live in a different area and wear a scarf, I get tons of Boston Marathon jokes and really aggressive remarks about ISIS. Also it’s super hard to make friends and our neighbors mostly give my dirty looks. You can’t tell my husband’s muslim (he’s a convert) and they talk to him just fine. He’s told me some of them have stopped talking to him after they found out I am his wife. Three incidents that stand out specifically are

    1. professor using me as an example, can’t remember the specific topic but it was sociology, comparing me to the Boston Marathon Bombers (along the lines of “Elle’s white and muslim like them, so how would the media portray her?”). It was a whole discussion and super weird.

    2. I was walking into work through the lobby. This guy is making intense eye contact the whole I’m coming through the doors. Ok, some people just stare, whatever. He said something under his breath that I didn’t catch. But I said hello and started on my way. This guy gets up in my face and starts waving his boot around (seriously) and freaks out all “Don’t you dare talk to me you ISIS bitch! I don’t like your type of cunts talkin at me” and on and on and on. Luckily an officer was right behind me so was able to pull the guy away from me before it escalated more.

    3. Some guy tried to pull my scarf off :\ His reasoning was “that shit’s not allowed here”. “Here” being a sidewalk outside of a mexican restaurant. My neck hurt for days after, I sprained my wrist, and I skinned my knee.

  8. I was about 5 during 9/11 (im 19 now), and I remember my mom being very upset on that day and her watching the news. I didn’t really understand what was going on at the time so it didn’t faze me to much. My dad worked in the states (Im Canadian) so I assumed that is why my mom was so upset and worried that it may affect him as Pakistani Muslim crossing the border everyday. There were obvious aftereffects of 9/11 in the way people treated me, especially since I went to a predominantly white school, but it wasn’t typically malicious. I would get the jokes sometimes like people imitating a plane flying into a building when I was presenting a project or how my beard made me look like a terrorist, but it was, for the most part, in good fun. This happened many years after the event when it was more appropriate to joke about it. The only thing I remember from the actual time it happened was one event:

    I was walking in a superstore with my mom, my brother and I were about 4 and 5 years old respectively. A white man walking by us came up to us and said “Take you children and get out of this country”. My mom was obviously very offended while me and my brother were kind of confused. My mom does not wear a headscarf and actually has an english accent. We are brown but besides that we are indistinguishable from your typical westerner. Played ice hockey, and soccer, and football growing up and played video games, went to public school and had lots of white friends. I love being a Canadian and its a shame when people do not think I belong.

    When I think about it now it seems pretty unreal. I couldn’t imagine someone saying that to me now. I’m sure many other people experienced much worse than my self but I can say that 9/11 and the events that followed (Al Queda, Osama and Taliban, ISIS etc.) has definitely made people pre-judge me, even if its not malicious. I don’t blame other people though for their ignorance, its just the things they see and of course, what they see they believe. Unfortunately, I think its that exact self-fulfilling prophecy that creates terrorists. When you alienate a religion like that, they begin to believe you are different which pushes them to seek out the comfort of the other oppressed “different” people. When you pack people together like that, they tend to see the oppressors as the enemy and the oppressed as their allies. I think that is the basis for a lot of the propaganda terrorist organizations, like ISIS, use to attract people to their cause. It probably why you see people from Canada, USA and England who have been raised there all their lives going off to join these groups. That being said, there is no reason to want to be part of something so awfull like that but I can sympathize.

    TLDR occasional terrorist jokes and one guy telling me to get out of the country (even though the country was Canada)

    EDIT: LOL I did not have a beard at 5. I was talking about the long term effects of 9/11. I was able to grow a beard for the first time at 13, not 5, so in high school I would sometimes be teased since I had a full beard. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. I was in the 6th grade when it happened. One of my teachers told me that me and my “kind” didn’t deserve to be in this country (even though I was born here). No one in our neighborhood would talk to us, and someone slammed into my mothers car.

    Another teacher later told me that I didn’t deserve the quality education that I was getting.

    Sadly I never reported either of these teachers because at the time I didn’t know it was an option. And I was too scared to tell anyone because I didn’t want to get in trouble with my teachers.

  10. Muslim girl here. The most immediate change was my dad losing his job (American Airlines) and being unable to find another for several years, despite being highly qualified. Random strangers have accused me of being a terrorist, I’ve been flipped off, honked at, & screamed at by passing drivers, I’ve been treated like a criminal, have been yelled at by street preachers, countless Christians have tried to convert me, and I’ve been hit on by creepy men who fetishize Muslims. Many of my friends & relatives have experienced far worse, so I’m always cautious when I go out in public, especially if a terrorist attack has been in the news recently. Despite everything, I’m confident, devout, and generally pretty content. Sometimes, I’m even a bit grateful for the prejudice I’ve experienced- it’s left me with a strong sense of empathy and an open heart.
    EDIT: clarification on the firing/job situation below! Sorry for the confusion.
    EDIT 2: thank you so much for the gold!

  11. My classmates whispered about me behind my back, occasionally calling me and my family terrorists. But even years later (7 years later when I was in high school), during soccer practice my friend made a joke about me having bombs under my bed. Some other soccer teammates took that seriously… I was 16-17 at that time… I remember saying to that person, “[Name], you know [Friend] was joking, right…?” Her reply, “Well, you know, bc you’re… you.. you’re.. brown and Muslim and all.” It was just really bad bc ppl just assumed the worst :/ I don’t wear a hijab, but I think guys had it worse :/ A local church also sent out hate emails to its members to not deal with our family 🙁 That was really bad bc it hurt my dad’s feelings a lot. Some members who truly were my dad’s friends shared that info with my parents. I was getting ready to leave to college so I didn’t hear about it till later and I was really upset.

    But the good that did come out of it was that it became quickly apparent who truly was a “Christian” and open minding and loving of all neighbors. And not just self-proclaimed really good Christians, but other people as well. You really learned who was gonna stand by you when it seemed like a majority of the world was against you.

  12. I get detained at the airport for about two hours every time I enter the USA. I’m not sure what exactly they do, background checks I’m presupposing.

  13. I’m not a Muslim. Don’t even think I knew any. But there were Palestinians living in my neighborhood. They were targeted by bullying neighbors. That’s when the local rival gangs put there differences aside for 3 months and acted their protectors.

    I found out later that they only did it, because they didn’t want the cops coming into the neighborhood so much. It was messing with their drug dealing.

  14. I vividly remember where and what I was doing when the attacks took place. It was my last year of high school and we were in chem. Our principle came in and told us about the attack and asked if we had any family in NY. At the time, I didn’t quite grasp the severity of the attacks. When I got home it became obvious that the impact of this moment in history was going to be felt by people for a long time. We lit a candle and placed at our front entrance as did many other people.

    On a personal level, I didn’t see much of an impact. However, as a community, Muslims broadly were very much impacted. I grew up in a household that was very well integrated with our mainstream Western context so on the whole it was difficult for people to associated me with “those Muslims” never mind the fact that ethnically I don’t really look like “those Muslims” either who for most Westerners looked Arab and wore a turban and whose women wore full Burkas or Hijabs.

    Over the course of the next decade though, even to this day, the ramifications of those events had a tremendous impact on me. At the time, I would have called myself an atheist, even before the attacks. Interestingly enough though, I also felt that it was my duty to demystify Muslims to others. Most of the people I know/knew are well educated so it wasn’t very difficult for them to understand that the actions of some fanatics weren’t representative of the wider Muslim population.

    However, the lingering impacts of those attacks are still very much with us. Polemics around Muslims as terrorists, debauched individuals, barbarians, etc became a big part of the news media and those who never even had met a Muslim before all of a sudden felt that they were entitled to form a negative opinion of them. A lot of ignorance was born that day, not only by those living in the West and their perception of the Muslim “Other” but also in terms of how Muslims in certain parts of the world viewed Western countries and its people. While some/many may have lumped all Muslims as being terrorists, a lot of Muslims from around the world, especially in regions where military interventions became common (i.e. the Middle East), viewed America in less than positive views.

  15. I remember the moment I found out about it. It was my dad’s birthday and I walked into the livingroom with a painting I had made. My mom was on the couch crying and my dad was holding her while they watched the news. Her sister worked at the WTC and she couldn’t get through to her to make sure she was okay.

    The first couple weeks sucked. Our house got spraypainted, someone threw eggs at my mom while we were out shopping for groceries, and our local mosque was telling people to stay away because they had gotten letters of death threats.

    It seemed to die off pretty quickly, apparently because people began to realize that the terrorists were extremists and didn’t actually hold the values of the other 1.6 billion muslims.

    My mom still wears a hijab everywhere she goes, and she hasn’t had any issues with people trying to abuse her for about a decade. Until last week.