Will you be taking the free upgrade to Windows 10 this Wednesday? Why or why not?

  1. I really want to upgrade, people are saying nice things about 10, but I am in the middle of a big project and I’m terrified of breaking my environment. When I’m done with this I will definitely be upgrading.

  2. NOTE!!!

    You can reserve your copy and upgrade at your leisure. So if you want to wait to upgrade. You can do your reservation now and then see how it deploys, and everyone’s reviews. And THEN when you feel it’s safe, go with the upgrade.

  3. I’m looking forward to upgrading my 8.1 machine to 10, the fullscreen start menu makes me anxious every time I open it.

  4. I’ve been using the insider build of ten for about a month now and I personally can’t wait for Wednesday. It has worked amazingly and has a lot of cool features. I have had some bugs but those are to be expected. In my opinion 10 is worth the hour to download. It is fun and easy to use.

  5. I will after a month or two, when the release bugs and compatibility issues have been mostly ironed out.

  6. I already got the insider view version. It’s everything I like about 7 with some extras.

    Downside: can’t play fallout 3 :/

    Edit: I appreciate all the advice. I ended up installing Games for Windows Live and ran it in compatibility mode to be safe. It’s working just fine. You guys are champs!

  7. I need to try 9 first to see if I like it.

  8. I’ll probably wait a week or two to see what type of problem pop up.

  9. I like what I’ve seen so far, so I will be taking the upgrade day 1. After the disaster that was Vista, I strongly believe Microsoft will do everything they can to make this a painless upgrade.

    I’m mostly excited for dx12. Hopefully it will work better than dx11.

  10. I’ll take it because I already did the first step (early reserve) and I might as well follow through.

  11. No. I fear change.

  12. I still use Windows Media Center (yeah i know, small group) as its how we get our TV over our networked CableCard box, and as Win10 forcefully removes WMC I won’t be upgrading till there is another dvr I can use.

  13. TIL this is happening. Thanks, OP!

  14. Yes, because I have windows 8 and would rather have ebola.

  15. Yes. Lot of people give Microsoft shit for windows 8. But on my old laptop windows 8 and 8.1 actually ran faster than windows 7. Essentially speed and performance is a priority for me. And I did test out Windows 10 preview and liked every bit of it and I am totally going to upgrade to 10. Faster load times, boot times and faster everything.

    EDIT: Also the only reason people gave shit for windows 8/8.1 was for the UI. Performance wise it was way better than Windows 7 and this is a big release for Microsoft and is probably gonna make them the true leading OS in the PC world.I also have a Xbox one, so I want to really test out the streaming from xbox one and also play games with my roommate gaming PC through my xbox one. So Kind of really excited.

What video game has the biggest potential for a movie adaption?

  1. I’d like to see a Dead Space film starring Josh Stewart as Isaac Clarke

  2. Sleeping Dogs was awesome if not a tad cliche. Just drag and drop the story and you have a movie.

  3. Metro 2033 and Last Light.

    Both have amazing stories which are relatively balanced between action and ‘calmer’ scenes.

    EDIT: Plus if I remember correctly they are not entirely cliché ridden, other than the sort of forced romance in Last Light.

  4. Deus Ex

  5. Tomb Raide- Shit I forgot.

  6. metal gear solid

  7. Not a movie but I’d like to see HBO do a TV series for The Witcher, the Polish one was shit.

  8. Scp containment breach would make a kickass Netflix series. It has such rich, interwoven lore. Go to the wiki, it has hours of interesting, original content.

  9. Infamous

  10. I can’t think of any video game character I want to see a movie about more than Trevor from gta 5.

  11. Dishonored would be pretty sweet. Like a steam punkish mission impossible.

  12. BioShock

  13. To The Moon

    The actual game is only 4-5 hours, and has a poignant, beautifully written story that will be just as much of a feels trip as a movie as it does as a game.

  14. Monkey Island. I have no idea why they didn’t make one when Pirates of the Caribbean was popular.

  15. Metroid would make a perfect sci-fi/horror movie if done in the same style as the original Alien.

The United States is a bar, what is each State doing and drinking ?

  1. Maine is wearing an L.L. Bean flannel and drinking Allen’s Coffee Brandy

  2. Kentucky would be drinking bourbon and arguing with anybody who will listen about college basketball.

  3. Alaska would be 20 drinks in before showing up to the bar

  4. Oregon rolls up with a pony keg of something he made in his garage, and is trading pints for weed or bike parts.

  5. west virginia is downin’ enough bud light to float a battleship, and talkin nostalgically of the days when copper prices were higher.

  6. Wyoming would be on the roof with a rifle, muttering about black helicopters.

  7. Washington D.C. is the bartender since it’s not a state but essential for the whole thing to keep running. Plus everyone loves it when they need something and hates it when they don’t.

  8. Connecticut is a rich white woman sipping a martini and silently judging all the other states

  9. Massachusetts is in a bar fight with New York over sports.

  10. Indiana is in line for the pisser, checking out Montana’s big ass and thinking about how bullshit it is that it can’t buy alcohol on Sunday.

  11. Arkansas here. I’m drinking straight whiskey and asking people if they want to arm wrestle to prove I ain’t gay…..CUZ I AIN’T Y’HEAR?

  12. Florida’s drinking detergent they found in the back.

  13. Louisiana is celebrating that lack of open container laws by standing outside of the bar with an Abita Amber or a Sazerac and looking disdainfully at the drinking abilities of all of the other states. “Amateurs.”

  14. Tennessee is drinking Jack Daniels, and watching Nascar.

  15. Georgia will be drinking bud light, wearing a UGA trucker hat, tortoise Costa Del Mar sunglasses with croakies, solid colored Polo shirt, questionably short shorts with a UGA belt, and driving a Z71 with a Browning decal in their rear window (went hunting twice in Jr High) and a UGA license plate frame.

    They went to Valdosta State University, and they work in their dad’s local business.

What keeps you up at night?

  1. Regrets about the past and doubts about the future.

  2. My lack of ambition, dreams and motivation, sometimes if feel like I’m a waste of a human being

  3. There’s a statue in my parents library my father had made for my mother’s birthday when my sister was four and I six. My father, sister, and I modeled a few times over the course of a month before my mother’s birthday, and it was really difficult for us to keep the secret at that age, but we did. The sculptor used photos of my mom for her part. Despite all the effort that went into it, it’s really an ugly sculpture. But we can’t really get rid of it because of the memories. My sister and I always joked that when my parents both died we’d have to decide who had to keep the sculpture. We’d then gift it back and forth to each other in funny or discreet ways. Talking about that plan for that ugly sculpture could always make us smile.

    A few years back at the age of 27 my sister killed herself. That statue which once held such joyful sentimental value now holds it tearful. At times now I lay in bed and think of how one day that ugly sculpture will be all mine, that I won’t be able to give it to my sister or sneak it into her house. But I can’t get rid of it because of the memories. So as I lay in bed mourning the future that will never be a tear slips down my face and I hope desperately for the oblivion of sleep.

  4. Let’s be real, Reddit is the main reason I go to sleep three hours later than I’d hoped.

  5. Embarrassing things I did 5 years ago.

  6. I am probably going to die alone.

  7. Money, I have a wife and three kids. It would be nice to know that I can pay rent and electric, and food, and other bills.

  8. Thoughts of my ex.

  9. My wife

  10. Thinking about random shit. Anything from wishing I had a mate to creating fantasies about the small island monarchy I’ll create when I earn my billions from opening a chain of fountain pen stores.

    Edit: Obligatory >4 upboats edit, plug for /r/fountainpens

  11. Tinnitus.

  12. fucking period cramps

  13. Sobriety

  14. This unbearable heat.

  15. I know I’m going to hate myself for conjuring up this cringe…………………. ahhh, there it is. Was visiting my cousin in a college town, I live with his parents (my aunt/uncle). We went out to a party, things were going great, I kissed a couple of cute girls, then for whatever reason I decided I was going to bounce (in an unfamiliar town, no idea where I’m going). Stumbled into another party with a live band. I didn’t know what to do with myself so I pretended to be on the phone trying to get a record exec to hear this band (I’m painfully cringing typing this out). Eventually the ‘show’ ends, and everyone is saying goodbye. I’m fucking plastered and don’t belong here, I stumble up to the band and tell them “I’m going to make things happen” for them. I make it outside, throw up everywhere, and call the pizza place I’d ordered from earlier to get directions ‘home’ (back to my cousins). 2/10 night, would not recommend.

Where are all the plus-size male models?

  1. Being the “before”‘s in the “before/after” photos for products.

  2. Early 2000s sitcom casting calls

  3. I tried it once. http://i.imgur.com/sNauEDL.jpg

    No one wanted to buy the shirt.

  4. Being the dumb bumbling husbands in commercials aimed at women.

  5. Where ever there is work. Sometimes they do runway shows, sometimes they do ads in magazines or television. Some may even do promotional work, or what we call “informal modeling,” or will do commercial modeling (where they take the role of your everyday individual, “real people.” think of a best buy or netflix commercial)

    They get work like anyone else in the industry does, by being represented by an agency (or themselves) and getting their information out to casting directors or people who run events.

    Source: im a modeling and acting instructor, been working in the industry for 5 years now.

  6. But why male models?

  7. On reddit.

  8. Chris Pratt was a huge deal before he lost the weight amongst gay dudes

    Here’s a BuzzFeed article that shows there was interest

    Also, as an aside, I can’t think of the names of any male models, chubby or otherwise.

  9. ESPN Body Issue has some athletes who are big (Prince Fielder).

    2015 ESPN Body Issue if interested

    All naked so NSFW. All kinds of sizes, but the Colts line are big fellas.

    Not really models per se.

  10. Not being attractive to the masses.

  11. ^^^^double ^^^^standards

  12. Playing magic the gathering

  13. Even plus-sized female models aren’t really “plus-sized.” I remember on America’s Next Top Model when Tyra was acting like Mother Teresa for having their first “plus-sized” model on the show…but it didn’t look like there was an ounce of fat on her, she just had wider hips and shoulders.

  14. We aren’t judged about our weight as much as we’re judged about our height 🙁

[NSFW] Morgue workers, pathologists, medical examiners, etc. What is the weirdest cause of death you have been able to diagnose? How did you diagnose it?

  1. Worked at a funeral home for a few years. First ever house call I took was to pick up a guy who died at home. Heard from his son that he hadn’t been to the doctors in 20 years. We take him to the medical examiner and discover he had a hernia on his scrotum causing it to be the size of a football. Not sure how he lived with that thing, but he was wearing jeans and a jockstrap to keep that thing in. His toenails looked like dragon toenails as he obviously couldn’t bend over to clip them. You know it’s fucked up when the medical examiner calls another medical examiner on duty to say “hey dude, come check this out.”

  2. I’m an apprentice funeral director, but we had an autopsy tech come into my school once to do an autopsy demonstration. He was asked this very question and this was his answer. Male, mid 50’s presented with jaundice and other signs of alcoholism but supposedly no history of drinking. During preliminary observation techs noted a red liquid coming from the anal area. Assuming blood it was tested. Came back as red wine and blood. Turns out the deceased was a closet alcoholic who would give himself enemas with whatever alcohol he had, in this case red wine, the doctors concluded he pierced part of his colon/rectum with whatever he enema’d himself with and led to a bleed.

  3. My dad told us that they once had a guy bleeding out on the table from a stab wound. They stopped the bleeding but his vitals were still taking a dive. Someone points out there’s too much blood. They turn him, it’s coming out of his butt.

    Someone had stuck a light bulb up this guy’s ass, broken it, and stabbed him when he tried to escape – and he still escaped. They stabilized him but he died of septic shock.

    This was told to us over dinner, mind you.

  4. Did an internship at the office of the chief medical examiner.
    Guy committed suicide in a river by wearing a backpack of rocks. Was found soon and didn’t have much bloating etc due to the submersion. Upon examination, he had a lung infection where his right lung had disintegrated into green liquid. We removed 1.5 liters of green fluid from his chest cavity. His left lung was fine. It was determined after looking at his medical records that he had been to the doctors office five times before he committed suicide and that this infection had been going on for almost a year until it got this bad. Numerous doctors had overlooked it. Accounts from those who knew him suspected that he killed himself to stop the pain.

  5. The short of it: Man died from endometrial cancer. Man had a transplant prior, woman who gave transplant had metastatic cancer that had spread to said organ unknowingly. Man survived transplant but cancer cells from the transplanted organ populated and he ending up dying from HER cancer.

  6. Working the ambulance for a “barricaded male.” After an hour of standby, trying not to fall asleep, a cop bangs on our window frantically to call us into the house. Guy put a shotgun in his mouth but must have flinched last minute and blew his face off. He was left with just a “screamhole” that was fluttering flaps of torn flesh not unlike a Predator mouth for a face. Only time I ever saw an ER nurse shriek at the site of it.

  7. I’m a nurse and this 80yro man had anal fissures and was admitted to the ICU because he shoved an entire frozen D-cell sized mag light up his ass and perforated his bowel. He went to surgery to have it removed and later died from septic shock. The mag light however survived.

  8. Was a police officer and helped with a case where there was a guy in his 50s who died laying on his couch, he had told friends he wasnt feeling well for a couple days and figured it was some cardiac related event.


    Ready for an irrational fear? Guy had undiagnosed hemochromotosis (high iron) that destroyed his liver, his ongoing cirrhosis and the livers inability to prosess blood as fast as it was being pumped cause vericose veins in the lining of his esophagus. This was a decades long process. One day one or more of the esophageal verices ruptures and the guy slowly bleeds to death through his digestive system while thinking he had a stomach bug or something only to die taking a nap.

    Get regular physicals folks.

  9. Man fell into a septic tank and died because of suffocation, rather than drowning. Found after 3 days. That was one autopsy my staff let me skip, as I started to retch the moment I opened the door to the Autopsy suite, despite wearing an airtight mask.

  10. I’m a criminal defense attorney. Had a client charged with murder for essentially getting into a shoving match with a guy. No external bruising or scratching. No evidence of trauma anywhere. They opened his head and found a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Turned out he had a ton of booze and blow in the tox report. The coke had constricted the blood vessels and driven the blood pressure up and the booze had thinned the blood out. When he bumped his head slumping back that was all it took and he blew out and was dead in less than a minute. Really sad case.

  11. This isn’t very uncommon, but what they had to do to save the mother was. I was doing clinical rotations and was told this story by an NP who used to work in India. So, nurse practitioner is helping a doctor deliver a baby in India. Well when the baby was dropping into birth canal it’s shoulder and head got stuck. The dr stuck his hand up to try and reposition the baby but it wouldn’t reposition. Baby died in birth canal. They still have to get the child out of the mother. Since the baby can’t come out vaginally, they opt for a caesarean. The mother gets opened up, and they still can’t get the baby’s head and shoulder unstuck. Try everything. They end up having to behead the child (remember child is already dead) while in the mother. Take the body out through caesarean and mother has to deliver baby’s head.

    Edit: This was decades ago keep in mind. If the doctor didn’t decapitate the baby, mother could have easily gone into shock and died. It is gruesome, but his quick thinking saved the mothers life. I don’t know if I would want to live after that though.

  12. Friend is an autopsy tech. Apparently it’s not uncommon for cats or small dogs to eat the hands and face off a dead or incapacitated owner. His worst was an elderly woman who was paralyzed, but not killed, by a stroke and her little dog ate all her exposed skin before she was found. He did her autopsy after she died several hours after being admitted to the hospital.

  13. Former biological anthropologist, as an undergrad I worked for a forensic anthropologist. This is the weirdest case she had that I got to see for myself.

    It was from the 1920’s. My boss had inherited a coroner’s collection of odd/interesting bones he collected during his tenure in a major city. Back then, coroners could just take whatever they wanted from bodies without telling the families. If the individual was poor/indigent/an immigrant/a minority they really helped themselves, sometimes taking the whole body. This coroner took a LOT of stuff, even rearticulating some of the pieces, reconstructing how they looked when they were attached to the rest of the person.

    So anyway, she has this collection she inherited, and several of the pieces are designated what she calls “death by testosterone poisoning.” They did not literally die of testosterone poisoning, but they all died because of risky, stupid, ridiculous actions. Think Jackass, only with no monetary payout. The weirdest one was from early last century, a white man in his 40’s who died from sepsis from multiple arm fractures that he got in an arm wrestling contest. Why multiple fractures? Because even after cracking his humerus (upper arm bone) a bit, he couldn’t bear losing, so he just wrapped it up with some kind of splint, had some guy hold the fracture (just a crack at that point) and went for best 2 out of 3, whereupon he snapped the humerus all the way through, and broke his radius and ulna when he slammed his arm down on the edge of the table in anger (the preserved bones came with the whole story recounted in the coroner’s notes). One of the lower arm bones, (radius or ulna, I can’t remember which) protruded through the skin, and being too cheap/too stupid to see a doctor, the wound became gangrenous, and the infection entered his bloodstream. He died of septicemia a few weeks later. Looking at the bone, I could see all of the fractures, as well as where the infection had a attacked the periosteum and the bone itself, with no sign of healing.

    tl;dr – stupid, pointless arm wrestling contest results in multiple arm fractures, gangrene, and death from septicemia. Labeled jokingly as ‘death by testosterone poisoning’ by the owner of the anatomical collection the bones are a part of.

  14. Well not a dead body but………

    I was a security guard at a hospital in Alaska. One of my duties was to bring deceased folk to the morgue, so I had a key to it. Get a radio call, that some patients wife wants her husband’s wedding ring back. I assumed it would be on a deceased person.

    I go to the morgue to look for it. I look all over, no gold ring. I even open the coolers, no bodies. I then look in the fridge. Body parts and a little Igloo cooler. I look inside that…

    It looks like very old banana peels. I glove up and pull some out. Turns out this guy had gotten his hand shredded in machinery. I had to get the mangled ring off his mangled hand and clean it off and go give it to him

  15. My ex-employer was a funeral director/coroner in Nebraska.

    He told some crazy stories.

    1. Found a guy dead in his laundry room. Glass bottle taped to the agitator on the washing machine. Broke when the guy attempted to pleasure himself by sitting on it. End result: all his guts were in the wash tub.

    2. Suicide by train. The guy basically exploded but his brain landed perfectly intact between the tracks.

    3. Lots of horse fucking stories where guys are kicked to death and found with their pants off in the stables.

    4. Drunk driving farm equipment never ends well.

    Edit: story #2 was his answer to “what’s the coolest thing you have ever seen?” my ex-employer was a sociopath.

    Also, apparently there aren’t coroners in Nebraska… I don’t know what else to call someone that cleans up and collects dead people.

[NSFW] What’s the dumbest dare you ever went thru with that left lasting physical, mental or emotional problems?

  1. Dared to hold the dog leash in my mouth and let the dog drag me through the wet grass. There was too much slack in the line and when the dog took off, it ripped my front 2 teeth out.

    Edit: I delivered current pictures the best I could

  2. Drink a case (20 bottles) of desperados for 10 bucks (and get a free case of desperados). For those who don’t know: It’s beer flavored with tequila. I will never forget that night. I puked so fucking much and finally fell asleep in stinging nettles.before that I puked in my tent, pissed my pants, threw my mp3 player in the river and tried to walk over a camp fire. To this day i feel sick whenever i smell tequila. Would not recommend.

  3. When I was 15… Dared to jump off a moving car. Broke front 2 teeth in half. Had to get emergency dental care. To this day, I am forbidden from biting an Apple or any similar fruit hard.

  4. I was coming out of a bar and was very intoxicated. I dared the valet guy to race me. I was pretty confident I was like the fastest person alive and i had watched him run around all night fetching cars. Side note I was in flip flops and this “race” was over a bunch of gravel. Well ready start go, I take off, he just stands there laughing. I eat it hard after a few strides. Fall on the gravel slice my toe completely open and have road rash on my hands and face. He stopped laughing when I stood up bawling my eyes out.

  5. I was dared to chase after a ball in a lake….decided I was superman and could dive in. Hit my head on a rock, damaged my spinal cord. Now I’m paralyzed from the chest down.

  6. group of us at 13 had a bet about who could spray a deodorant can on themselves for the longest. I won with 21 seconds.

    And i, now 22, still have a circular scar on the back of my wrist.

    Edit: The burn

    But the Mars Bar i won makes it all worth it.

  7. Dared to let my Grade 7 crush kick me in the nuts at a party. I thought she’d think I was cool. I thought wrong.

  8. Used to play on the old EfNet channel #truthdare and when I was about 14 or 15 I guess I was dared to shave off my pubes. I had never shaved anything so I wasn’t sure how to do it so I just kept going at it with the disposable razor until where each little hair follicle had been was a little spot of blood.

    The next few days were painful, really painful a lot of itching and burning pain.

  9. I was dared to jump off the roof of a 2 story pavilion, holding an umbrella. The thought process was that it would serve as a cartoon-style parachute. Well, I jumped, the umbrella immediately inverted and flew out of my hand. I landed on my feet, but they immediately slipped out from under me and I landed hard on my tailbone. The umbrella came down and bashed me on my head. I bruised my tailbone and my head that night. Luckily the pain only lasted a few weeks.

    I was completely sober for this.

  10. In high school I was talking about how the nerves in my body are kind of messed up so I can take a lot of pain. A guy in the class said it was bullshit and he dared me to let him hit me with a baseball in the nuts. I said no to that, but he could hit me anywhere else except the face. So we go out in the hallway and he winds ups and throws a fastball, (found out later he was the schools star pitcher), and hits me square in the jewels. But like I said I have bad nerves so it hurt but not to bad, so I didn’t react and looked at him and said is that it? He and his buddies looked at me shocked and I walked away and went to the bathroom in the building next door. I pulled down my pants and saw the grapefruit sized bruise forming and later on that day I peed a little blood, but no lasting damage that wasn’t already there.
    Edit: Whoever gave me gold thank you! 🙂

  11. In elementary school, during a recess, someone found a dead frog on one of the cement blocks by the gutter drains. It was covered in ants and sort of tacky-dry from the heat of the sun. Naturally, a kid dared anyone to eat the damn thing for a dollar.

    I was stupid enough to take him up on that.

    Somehow, against odds, I didn’t get sick, but quite a few people called me Kermit for a while.

  12. When I was around 8 me and my brother were in our room sitting on our beds. I was standing on my bed falling down back onto my bed similar to the trust fall and bouncing back up. My brother dared me to keep doing it so being the dumbass that I was I did. It got to to the point where he got bored and wanted to play catch. He told me stop and I said let me do it one more time. This is where I fucked up. I fell down but instead of my head landing on the soft bed it landed onto the hard windowsill. There was blood everywhere. I tried to hide it from my mom because I knew she’d get mad but she saw me grab a tissue and immediately started yelling. When I say there was blood I mean there was a lot of blood. She thought I might die and was thinking she could drive me to the hospital faster than waiting for an ambulance. By the time we get to the hospital the bleeding wasn’t so bad but it was awkward being in a waiting room with a bunch of people while my head was bleeding. We finally get into a room and a doctor comes in glues my head shut and all is well. I still have a gnarly bald spot from it.

  13. I know a guy whose pledge in college was to do coke. Now he’s addicted to coke.

    Edit: It was cocaine, smartasses

  14. During a marketing class I argued that salt & vinegar pork rinds were actually pretty palatable.

    When it came time to make our mock commercials, I had to sit on a bench and eat most of three bags of the things.

    I went from tolerating to genuinely loving salt & vinegar pork rinds, and that is a scar no soul should have to bear.

  15. It was me who dared my friend in highscool to wear matching dresses during a play (we played female twins who had to speak at the same time but he’s a guy so it was going to be super funny). He agreed, the drama teacher agreed and during the rehearsal everything was going fine. There was a scene where I had to jump into his arms and we would run backstage. The day we presented in front of the whole class, I jumped, he started walking and caught his feet in his dress, dropped me, I flew into a wall, got a pretty bad concussion, spent 6 hours in intensive care at the hospital, still don’t remember the rest of that day, my dad told me I was really confused for a week. For about a year I had short term memory issues.