What is the prettiest girl’s name you’ve heard?

  1. insert crush’s name

  2. I had a crush on a girl in elementary school named Lilah Rose

  3. I have a friend named Athena. Pretty dope really

  4. I always thought Greek girls names were the prettiest. Persephone, Penelope, Eurydice, Phoebe, Daphne, Delphine, Melina, Ophelia, Selena, Sophia…

    Just about half this list.

    Edit: on the flip side, I think Romans had the best names for boys. Marcus, Tiberius, Amulius, Vibius, Nero, Agrippa, Flavius, Julius, not to mention the tradition of naming your son after regions you conquered and pillaged, like Germanicus or Africanus.

  5. Isis, until those fuckers in the middle east ruined it.

  6. Andromeda. No kidding. Friend’s niece. People call her Andy and it makes her so mad. “Why have a pretty name if no one will say it?!”

  7. So she’s pregnant huh

  8. Seren is a traditional Welsh girl’s name. Coincidentally also the name of my dog, so take that as you will.

  9. Anyone else disappointed that their names aren’t here?

  10. I like Natalia, personally. Plus you can go out of the box and call her Tali for short, which is the greatest Mass Effect character, so a twofer.

  11. Anastasia, a lovely Russian name

  12. Camille, in French.
    I know a Leonie, I love the name too!

  13. Ma~

    Pronounced Matilda.

  14. Persephone.
    I find this name to be absolutely beautiful to say or hear.

  15. I’ve always been in love with the name Charlotte.

High schoolers, what do you want to major in? People who majored in that field, what are the pros and cons?

  1. International Relations

  2. Geology!

    Edit: I’m sold!

  3. Forestry or park ranger.

  4. Cosmolgy/Astrophysics!

  5. Mechanical Engineering

    edit: I appreciate all the answers! If it can help narrow things down, I specifically want to work with cars.

    edit 2: bc I got this a bunch of times, I am committed to RIT and I will be joining their FSAE team

  6. Math.

  7. Aerospace engineering

    Edit: wow lots of advice from you guys, thanks I really appreciate,

  8. Graphic Design, preferably UI design.

    Edit: just to clarify, I do know html, css, and a bit of JavaScript. I also know Photoshop and illustrator fairly well.

  9. Computer Science

  10. Ctrl+f agriculture

    No results.

    Aww come on high schoolers

    Edit: Holy shit guys, this really blew up and turned into my highest rated comment! I’ve read through a lot of the threads already and it seems that a lot of people have been answering questions under this, I posted and then just went back to work and couldn’t get on reddit due to lack of service.

    I encourage anyone who is interested in going into agriculture to read through some of the responses in this thread. If anyone would like to either pm me or comment again on here and ask a specific question, I’ve worked in chemical, grain, and livestock and done peri much everything in between.

    Edit 2: Also, for anyone with more than a year left in high school, I encourage you greatly to look into FFA. Its, in my opinion, one of the most important student organizations in America, and is great at building skills used in all industries.

  11. Theatre major here. Just remember, technicians work in theaters, actors work in cafes.

  12. Accounting, I’ve always heard it’s a safe bet

    Thanks for the info everyone

  13. Environmental Science

  14. Linguistics 🙂

  15. High Schoolers — please consider a career in public health sciences! There is an enormous need for epidemiologists and biostatisticians, particularly ones with up-to-date coding and analysis skills. Data drives policy and great data can save lives.

What’s the farthest you’ve seen someone go to avoid a mild inconvenience?

  1. It’s not necessarily the farthest people go, but I see it often. People who circle parking lots looking for a spot closest to the store, so much so that we could have already been inside if they had just parked in a farther spot. It’s a parking lot not the Sahara desert!

  2. My cousin eats full meals on paper towels to avoid doing the dishes, I’ve seen him eat things like ice cream and spaghetti.

  3. My old place had a concierge service. Basically you could email requests and if they were easy they’d be done immediately. I once got a picture printed so the dude would bring it up. He had his own card to open the door so when he knocked i said come in, he comes in leaves the picture and just when he is about to leave i reveal my true purpose; “Hey man could you turn on the lights on your way out?” and he does and i didn’t even have to move an inch.

  4. I used to take the back door to work, which is well around the block, because of a very aggressive pigeon that would coo loudly and fly at my face. To my knowledge I’ve never done anything to anger him, to this day I believe it’s a race thing.

    Fuck you, fascist pigeon.

  5. I lost 45 pounds in about 8 months. 180 lbs to 135 – so a significant portion of my body weight. Someone asked me how I did it.

    I’d eat out for lunch/breakfast, but I basically didn’t keep anything ready made to eat at the house. If I wanted to eat something at night, I would have to get up and do something. Fuck that – I’d rather just lose the weight.

  6. There is this teacher I used to have (nice guy tbh). I never worked that hard and he was always shouting at me and helping me etc. When I bump into him in school he always asks how I am doing and stops me for an awkward talk about my studies, which is nice but as I said awkward. I sometimes walk the whole way around the school to avoid bumping into him, even though I end up late to class.

  7. My brother set up a Rube Goldberg machine that would flick the light switch to his room from his bed a few feet away.

  8. I saw a friend of mine drink a glass of Metamucil because he was too lazy to cook something.

  9. If you’ve ever done competitive swimming, you’d understand this: I swam 3000m of a distance workout to avoid 900m of kick with a flutter board.

  10. I went downtown today and I walked a mile and a half to avoid having to parallel park.

  11. I owed my lawyer major $ after a protracted divorce, and I was paying him off in installments. One morning I walked to the post office to mail him a check for another installment on what I owed him. This involved walking right past his office, which I didn’t want to go into personally because I’m socially awkward and I felt like everyone there knew how bad my finances were and I was ashamed. (Fortunately things have got better since then.)

  12. My aunt goes to church every Sunday. She gets there one full hour ahead of time to take the best parking spot so that she can get away the quickest after Communion. Imagine – the service is under one hour, but she won’t be “inconvenienced” to stay until the conclusion.

  13. My college roommate was taking a final in the computer lab when he decided he needed more time to study. He got up slide his finger down his mouth and started puking all over the floor. Mind you this in front of a few hundred people and a good bit of people we knew. He goes go the guy and gets two extra days to take his test. I come home to him wrapped around a bong and a beer in his hand so excited to tell me how he got of taking EDCI 1000 final (education studies). Common sense gets you an A on that final.

  14. I will roll across the entire living room so I technically don’t have to get up to fetch the remote.

  15. My good friend once drove 35 minutes away to get gas that was 12 cents cheaper

[serious] Redditors who have survived a plane crash – how did people react on the way down?

  1. Was in a plane crash with my parents and brother. My father and mother were piloting the piper seratoga, when an important bolt in the engine broke, cutting out the engine. I remember flying over New Jersey at night, the sound of the engine cutting out, and then trying to talk to my parents over the head-set, however they cut-off communications to focus.. can’t remember what our conversations were before that. I wouldn’t say that anyone was frantic either, just calm and focused, however I was knocked out upon impact, while my brother was completely conscious the whole time.

    We were attempting to make it to an airport, but considering we were only gliding at this point, the plane was certainly not going to make it. After losing too much altitude, the plane struck the canopy of some trees and crashed in the forest. My brother and I were dangling upside down from our seat belts unable to get out until some man from a nearby neighbourhood quite literally ripped the doors off of the airplane, carrying us out.

    Unfortunately my parents were killed on impact and my brother suffers from serious third degree burns across his entire body.

    The bolt in the engine that broke was found to be a part that the plane manufacturer knew was defective (due to a multitude of other plane crashes due to this part) and put in the aircraft anyways. You can imagine what we did to them in court.. Anyways, thats my story. Feel free to ask questions and i’ll do my best to answer them.

  2. I was in an almost-plane crash, on a flight from Newark to Istanbul. Something didn’t feel right as we were boarding, but I think because the flight next to us had just been cancelled, they got us on board and hoped for the best. Anywho, about 1.5 hours over the Atlantic Ocean, something seems off. Then the pilot comes on saying there is a mechanical issue and they’re not sure what’s going on, but to prepare for a water landing. Everyone is confused and it was dead quiet (it was also night time so some people were asleep). Flight attendants start wandering the aisles more and more frequently, making us more worried since we had no idea what was going on and we didn’t hear from the captain. A few minutes later, the captain comes on and says there is a problem with the engine and they’re turning around and going to attempt to make it back to land.

    Meanwhile, the flight attendants are rushing back and forth and trying to get people to look at the safety instructions. By this point, everyone is awake (as far as I can tell). According to people I talked to afterwards, one flight attendant went and sat down and put her face in her arms. Another one apparently told someone that “people don’t usually survive water landings.”

    It was just me and my mom, and the whole time I kept thinking about my little sister, and how she was going to have to grow up without a mom. It was pretty terrifying, but you would be amazed at how quiet the cabin was. After the worst turbulence I ever felt in my life, and the most silence I have ever experienced, we were able to make an emergency landing in Newfoundland. And that’s the story of the first and only time I’ve ever been to Canada!

  3. “OK.”

    That’s all my (only) passenger said after I told him I’d be forced to land a Cessna 172 on a freeway at 9:00 PM. He then said nothing at all and I’m fairly certain I shat far more bricks than he did.

  4. I’m pretty late to this party, but here it goes. I was pretty young, only about for or five, when I was in a plane crash. It was a small one engine prop plane with just me, my dad, and the pilot who was a family friend. It was caused by engine failure. I don’t remember much excerpt my dad’s actions. He was sitting in the front copilot seat. He reached back to me in the back seat and pulled my winter coat snug around me. (It was winter in Cleveland Ohio). Then he made sure my seat belt was fastened securely. After making sure I was safe he buckled himself in tightly as well. It is important to note at this point that my dad is a devout Christian. He recounted his perspective to me when i got older, and said that he was certain he was going to die. He said that he was quiet and praying that god would allow his son to live, even if he didn’t. Both my dad and the pilot were knocked unconscious on impact, and both severely injured. Dad regained consciousness first and heard me crying in the back of the plane. He told me that his first thoughts were a mix of panic and relief. He panicked, thinking the pilot was probably dead and he has to get out of the wreckage, but he has some relief because my crying meant I was alive. In the end all three of us best the odds and survived.

    Edit: we all lived

  5. I finally get to tell this story. I was flying with a friend in Northern Minnesota and had to make an emergency landing in a field. It was windy and as he was making the decent, gusty winds screwed him up and came down angled. When we came down, he cut his face on the console or stick and was out of it. I was fine, got out of the plane, pulled my friend out, and we grabbed the go back from the storage area. Tried our cellphones, but his had a cracked screen (bad) and mine got no service. He had called on the radio before the crash and had told the emergency services guy that we were making an emergency landing. I got on the radio and called that we just crashed and my friend was hurt badly. National Guardsmen had to come get us.

    I wasn’t so scared when he told me that we would have to make a landing, but was nervous. I had the jitters and had my eyes on my feet the whole time.

    When he told me the wind was too strong, I got scared. He couldn’t get the nose back up and told me to brace. I had my hands on both sides of the plane (it was tandem style seating) and started praying.

  6. Not really a plane crash, but an emergency landing. I was on a Southwest flight landing in Minneapolis. First thing that tipped me off that somethi,g was wrong was when I checked my phone and we were 20 minutes late and hadn’t started our descent nor had we received a announcement from the cockpit. There was nothing I could do so I went back to reading my book. A few minutes minutes later I saw something I had never seen before and hope to never see again. The steward came running to the back of the plane where I was sitting at full speed with a look of panic on his face. A minute later the steward announced that our flaps wouldn’t extend and that we would have to make a emergency landing in Minn. after the we burned off some fuel.

    While we burned off fuel they had safety briefings for those in emergency rows. Since I was in the very back of the plane and had an isle seat I would be responsible for opening the right hand door while the steward handled the left hand door.

    I had time to get a signal and text my wife. Most everyone else was doing the same. It was quite in the plane, no one freaked out of panicked. During the landing they had us brace in crash positions. As for the landing itself, it was the smoothest landing I’ve ever had, the captain was a real pro and put the plane down with the lightest touch even though he was way above his normal landing speed. On the way off the plane I saw him in the cockpit, he was soaked in sweat and you could tell he was physically and mentally exhausted. I think it was then that it sunk in for me just how much danger we really had been in.

    My landing made the evening news and I saw it on TV that night in my hotel room. Funny thing was a few months later I received a letter from Southwest denying any emergency took place on that flight.

    Edit: Just wanted to say thanks for all the replies and sorry for my poor grammar I’m on my mobile right now so it is hard to type and proof read. I have no idea why Southwest sent the letter, I chalked it up to beurocracy and legal reasons. I moved on and really didn’t feel SW owed me anything, I had no intention of complaining or trying to get compensation.

    I did thank the pilot but he looked zoned out and tired when we made eye contact so I don’t know if it registered.

  7. I was in a helicopter crash, everyone was silent during the ordeal other than the pilot who was like “everything is fine, fuck, shit, fuuuuuck, nope it’s ok, fuck, ffffffffuck, look for the lake to ditch!!!!”

    We were coming down from a mountain cabin flying by sight when fog rolled in, the pilot started swayi g left and right to find something to get a bearing in the white out and he found something….the trees. I will never forget going from total dizzying whiteness to cedar tree branches pressed up against the plexi widnow, the sound of chop chop chop, the smell of Christmas (smelled like fresh cut Christmas tree I swear) and then The loudest horn ever and a big red light on the dash that said “stall”; I was in copilot seat.

    Somehow we managed to spot a rock by the lake and the pilot slammed it down hard but amazingly nobody hurt and the smoke from the engine never turned to flame. We were damn lucky and that pilot didn’t fly in BC again – he flew power lines in AB after that where one doesn’t have “sudden whiteouts”.

  8. Once while my family was traveling back from central America to Canada we got caught in a pretty bad storm. This was right after we had flown in circles for 3 hours because the pilots were discussing whether we should land, due to the outer layer of one of the windows being cracked. So on the new plane we’re now in a pretty bad storm trying to make up time. There’s some turbulence, the plane keeps dropping and after a while people started praying (people are religious in central America). Finally after about 30min of turbulence the plane just fell for maybe 10s. Some people were screaming, alot were quiet (probably due to shock), others crying, including my sister. Me, for whatever reason accepted that this was my fate, I sat back and closed my eyes looking for peace. Then the plane recovered and continued. Everyone was quiet after that. I felt weird as I never experienced something as frightening before and never knew how I would react.

  9. My girlfriend’s Aunt was a flight attendant on the Sioux City, Iowa United Flight 232 crash in 1989. She doesn’t like to talk about it much, but apparently everyone was very calm. She was strapped into her seat and was knocked unconscious after the initial impact. She woke up in the field after being ejected from the aircraft with some broken bones and other various injuries. Her and the surviving crew now meet up once a year for a yearly vacation. She did not retire after she recovered and ended up working up all the way until 9/11, and that was her last straw.

  10. I was in a commercial jet that fell from cruising altitude. It was a small jet flying on a now defunct airline. We had just started the descent when the plane tilted and the dropped out of the sky. Nose was pointed nearly straight down. I was sitting in the aisle. People were screaming, yelling out — but I can’t remember the words. All kinds of crap was flying through the cabin and the flight attendant was no where to be seen. My brother and Dad were in the seats behind me. I remember thinking about how sad my mom was going to be. And then looking out at the window at the ground.

    After what seemed like an eternity, the pilot was able to regain control and the plane started to right itself again….for about 15-30 seconds, before starting another uncontrolled descent. It was more terrifying the second time around — the ground was far closer. I was certain that I was going to die and looked over at a blonde woman about my age sitting next to me. We hadn’t spoken the entire flight, but I reached out in some impulsive desire for human contact at the end…and we held hands as the plane fell out of the sky. I can remember looking at her face briefly, she was crying.

    As the ground started approaching and you could make out things like trees and houses, I felt a sense of peace fall about me. Death seemed to be certain but I didn’t care. It seemed like it was going to be quick and painless — but I remember being surprised that it was going to all end this way.

    Then we started to feel the pilot struggling with the plane and it started to right itself again…and for a second time the plane pulled out of the dive. It was still incredibly bumpy and people were crying and screaming out at every round of turbulence — everyone was waiting for the next and final dive. When we landed, the young woman and I were still holding hands. People were dead quiet.

    What was surreal was that the flight attendant got on the microphone when we reached the gate and thanked us for flying on that shitty ass airline and ‘hoped we would fly again’. They brought a bus out and one of the pilots came out with us. He didn’t say a word, but his knee was shaking uncontrollably.

    To explicitly answer your question OP, some people scream and panic in those last few minutes. Others seem to accept the inevitable…in the moment it seems like there isn’t much that you can do — it’s all in the pilot’s hands.

    I hate flying now.

Doctors of Reddit, what was the MOST incorrect self-diagnosis you’ve encountered in your practice?

  1. I’ve had a patient claim that amputations run in his family.

    He said that was the only reason he needed both legs taken off above the knee. He was adamant that it was not actually due to his uncontrolled diabetes, his enormous and continual sugar intake, his refusal to use insulin, or his refusal of treatment for the giant infected wounds on both feet.

    Edit: If you are here to make a remark about how “no one runs in his family,” please be aware that we are currently experiencing unusually high call volume, so please remain on the line and your comment will be read by the next available representative.

  2. Had a 19yo girl come in asking for antifungal medication because she was convinced she had oral thrush. Her and her boyfriend had Googled her symptoms, and at 19 you’re never wrong. When I suggested that perhaps we check an EBV antibody to rule out mono, she looked at me like I was actively drooling on myself and refused, because there was, “No way I can have mono.” Eventually I convinced her to have some diagnostic testing done, and sure enough she had mono. I tried to explain that having oral thrush as a 19 year old could possibly be much more concerning than mononucleosis, but she didn’t seem to get it.

    EDIT: I will give the caveat that if a patient volunteers that they were looking up their symptoms online, I’ll always ask them what they think they have and why. This can sometimes give insight to symptoms or concerns they may not have let on about that help me to make a correct diagnosis. Besides, taking an active role in your health is certainly not a bad thing. As long as you’re not being a douche and acting as if I’m some moron, I welcome that kind of discussion.

  3. So I’m a therapist and I work with kids. Worst misdiagnosis was a family with a two week old who was convinced the baby had
    1)anxiety- because he cries.
    2) autism- little eye contact
    3)bipolar disorder- because baby would seem content then angry.

    I spent HOURS explaining child development, what these diagnosis mean, how they would present in kids. I provided them with books, hand outs, etc. They insisted on going to see my co-worker and a psychiatrist as I was surely lying to them. Even after meeting with the other two professionals, they still weren’t convinced. They requested psych meds from the doc.

  4. Veterinarian here. Hope you won’t find this out of place. I had a client come in several years ago with a dog suffering from flea allergy dermatitis. These dogs have an allergy to flea saliva that causes them to get insanely itchy – primarily around the rear end and base of the tail. This poor little guy had chewed his fur out to the point that his back half was just about completely naked. So there he sits scratching and biting at himself, covered in fleas, several of which I have combed off of him and showed his owner. “Good news,” I say. “We can fix this.” After explaining the diagnosis, his owner proceeded to tell me how foolish I was – the dog was not itchy because of fleas. He was chewing at himself as a psychological response to the disturbance caused by having his butt shaved by an unknown intruder who must have broken into the house while they were away. I had no response to that other than to agree, that, yes, that must have been very traumatic for him. Ultimately we agreed to treat for the fleas, just in case. Shockingly, the dog got better.

  5. Just finished med school, so not too much experience, but had an elderly woman come in the ER with new onset seizure. The patient’s daughter was convinced her mother had a brain tumor. On review of the medications, turns out the patient had been out of her Xanax prescription for 4 days, and had a withdrawal seizure.

  6. Lady came to the clinic with her 8 month old baby and she was pretty pretty freaked out. Her baby had diarrhea for the last few weeks and wasn’t going away. She initially wasn’t concerned but then her friend told her that diarrhea is the first sign of AIDS and now she was convinced her baby contracted AIDS.

    We quickly ruled that out through their med records and assured her that her baby didn’t contract AIDS randomly. As we finished examining the baby it started to cry so we handed it to her mother. Lo and behold she pulls out a baby bottle to get the baby to stop crying….only this baby bottle is red and is filled with Kool-Aid.

    We had to explain to her that babies can’t handle sugar at that age and that was the cause of the diarrhea. She refused to believe what we said. “I was raised on Kool-Aid and look at me I’m fine”.

    Man the south side of Chicago is a completely different world.

    Edit: Another story from that clinic. A lady came in and after she got off the scale she asked what her weight was at. She ~10 pounds heavier than the previous visit and seemed upset. So I asked her what about her weight was bothering her.

    She said she was trying to lose weight but it didn’t seem like her diet was working. I casually asked what her diet was thinking she was trying some of the new diets. Her answer was “Bacon”. Her friend told her that if she added bacon to all her meals she’d lose weight so she had been eating Bacon 4-5x/day for the last month. She was shocked when she learned that she was doing the exact opposite of what she was supposed to do.

    Edit 2: The reason these 2 cases come to mind is because I was shocked by the lack of common knowledge. These people aren’t dumb they just didn’t know what they were doing was wrong. It’s a symptom of poverty and a lack of education. Both patients took the proper step’s to correcting their misunderstandings and were admittedly embarrassed.

    As far as the race questions go. I now work in a rural, majority white, part of the midwestern U.S with similar levels of poverty/education as the South Side of Chicago and these patients have the same issues. They just don’t know.

  7. Patient is diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast, confirmed with biopsy. Surgery prepped for two weeks time.

    Patient goes to an outside facility, and does a mammogram. Radiologist read states it is benign.

    Patient writes an email to her primary doctor (my attending), “PRAYER WORKS. Please find attached report stating I no longer have breast cancer. Please tell Dr. X (Surgeon) that I will be no longer needing surgery.”

    Cue furious emails to surgeon with sense of impending doom.

    TLDR: Mammograms don’t pick up everything.

  8. Man came into the ER in a panic thinking he had incurable skin cancer.

    Turns out he had a wart on his foot…

  9. A patient came in with what he thought was a rash and the flu. He ended up having necrotizing fasciitis and was dead by the next day.


    Edit: necrotizing fasciitis is pretty much flesh eating bacteria

  10. Fifteen year old boy brought by ambulance from the movie theater thinking he was having an allegic reaction to breath spray. Turns out he had an anxiety attack anticipating his first kiss.

  11. Not my story, my dad’s, an ER doctor. He once had a patient duct tape a huge bag of weed to his chest and ride his bike full speed into a parked cop car. The guy thought he was in the hospital because of some big government conspiracy that he knew too much about, but it ended up just being a broken arm, and probably schizophrenia.

    He then ended up suing my dad, so he was really an all around great patient.

  12. Self-diagnosis? I’m an orthopedic surgeon, so patients are really often unable to diagnose themselves because they don’t have the power of MRI or scoping. The most incorrect self diagnosis I’ve encountered was a patient who believed they broke their hip after a fall when they actually had a 2 inch piece of skateboard lodged into their side they forgot about…yeah.

  13. While working as a nurse, had a patient who insisted that her abdominal pain was from a surgery she’d had done on her arm. She thought that a staple that had been used to close the wound on her arm had somehow traveled to her abdomen.

  14. We self diagnosed an animal completely wrong on this one..a few days ago our cat started breathing really funny and wheezing. Google and past experience told us respiratory infection. So on Saturday we take him to the vet, and it turned out 3/4 of his lungs were filled with cancer 🙁 we had to put him down.
    We also once had a teacher make my mom send my brother to the doctor because he “obviously has that staph infection thing that’s going around!” we took him. he had mild acne.

  15. Anal cysts. Nope, he just touched his anal cavity too much and left it irritated.

What is the most NSFW thing you have seen someone openly do in a public place(NSFW)?

  1. I was a lifeguard at a hotel with an indoor pool. A lady was standing in her room, looking out the window down at the pool, finger blasting herself. Very non discreet. Also, caught a guy beating it in the hot tub. Fun place.

  2. I used to work at a local convenience store, and one time during a nightshift a customer asked to use our toilet, which I had to tell him no, we’re not allowed to let the customers use the personels toilet.

    He literally unzipped his pants and peed on the floor in protest.

  3. I once came into a crowded bar at around 5am. There was a chick with a skirt on the bar stool and a guy was banging her from behind. They didn’t try to hide it, it was completely obvious.

    well yes, it was around 5am and a crowed bar. It’s one of the only two bars (afaik) in the city with opening hours that long.

    Ok people, after about 50 comments, “me coming into the bar” I think we totally got that joke now.

  4. I’ve been to two gatherings of the juggalos. (I have reformed)

    The amount of ugly people fucking in the middle of the road that I have seen is a bit ridiculous.

  5. When I worked at an all night restaurant, a woman(who was a regular, who came in after her shift stripping) gave a bj in the parking lot. But not in the car. The guy was in the car, but she was kneeling by the driver’s side door, making the act quite obvious.

  6. Lifeguarded at a indoor pool when I was in highschool, then at a busy, rather dangerous beach (in terms of surf). Seen more sexual interactions of all ages than I care to mention. But one stands out.
    Some kids come running out of the pool locker room saying “so and so is doing dirty stuff!” they’re like 10 years old. I’m male, and it’s in the male locker room, but I ask both co-workers, (adults) to come with me.
    Lo and behold, we find two boys laying on the floor in the shower, with a 10 year old girl, pulling her swimmy aside and pissing on them. ALL the fuck over them.
    Fucking watersports, at 10 years old. I don’t even know what we did. Parents were called? Shower sanitized. We were all in just complete shock. Kids are bloody weird sometimes man.

  7. Was in Downtown LA. Saw two homeless people fucking on the side of the road. It’s around two in the afternoon. The man seems to be enjoying it, the chick was just staring at a tree.

  8. I saw a woman shit in a water fountain.

  9. Two people having sex in some hot springs, with dozens of people around them. And I’m not talking casual under water sex, they were above the water and loving it.

    Afterwards they moved pools and came to sit with us like nothing happened.

  10. I witnessed a drunk teenager take a shit in a urinal and then piss in the sink. Didn’t even wash his hands afterwards.

  11. My wife and I went to Bonnaroo a couple of years ago, and we saw a girl walking around in a bikini top, with her face, mouth, and chest covered in cum. She was just casually walking around, holding hands with this guy, talking to people, and covered in splooge.

    I know about there being a fetish/kink for this, but it was a little offsetting to see in person.

  12. Saw a bunch of naked men with a sexdoll on a boat, while we were riding an AquaDuck in Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS with my wife and a bus load of people.

    No fucks were given to us. They just waved and offered beers.

  13. I didn’t see it, but my brother told me a story after he came back from Download (a music festival in the UK). Lots of insane crap happens at these things, but apparently this one guy who was off his face on a concoction of various narcotics jumped into one of the big containers that the toilets sit over. (If you don’t know what I mean, it’s like these things but higher up to accommodate a larger container.) These containers hold everyone’s rancid shit and piss, but worse because it’s in a feastival. The smell is enough to make you faint. But this guy somehow managed to wriggle his into the container from one of the toilet holes (usually a oval shape cut out from a sheet of steel.)
    But the guy refused to exit the literal shit hole, he instead waded around in it proclaiming that he was the ‘shit king’. The poor, under-payed marshalls were pleading for him to come out, but he wouldn’t leave. Eventually the cops turned up and a couple of guys in hazmat suits or something had to wade in and wrestle him out while he screamed at the top of his lung and demanded to be returned to his realm.

  14. I saw a guy masturbating while riding a bicycle.

    A friend and I were about 14 y.o. We were aimlessly exploring the countryside; riding on our bikes along the river on a sunny day. Then suddenly an elderly person came in the opposite direction and we saw he was doing something in his crotch area.
    While we came closer we saw he was wearing very short, but wide shorts and was flicking his penis around.
    He was doing it from far away, probably even before we came in view and just continued while passing us. When we looked back it seemed he was still doing it, so I don’t think he had us in mind.

    And no, we are not mentally scarred because of this: It was just a weird guy on a bike playing with his penis, we thought it was rather funny. (although I prefer not to have seen it)

  15. I guess it’s LITERALLY not safe for work. But, one time I was in a movie theater, and these people to my upper left kept talking and being obnoxious scumbags. I generally have less and less patience for this over the years, as ticket prices keep going on. So I turned around and said “You’re conversation is cool and all but I’m trying to watch a fucking movie, thanks guys”

    So the guy in the group responds “Hey man, fuck you” and laughs….and then we both here it. A very loud click click and I see a guy like 8 seats to my left casually holding a gun in his lap, looks back towards them, flashes it once, in there air and goes “You should really shut the fuck up before this becomes an issue” He looks at me, and he nods like “I got this”

    There were only about 10 of us in the theater…..none of us said anything for the rest of the film and I never made eye contact with him again. He seemed to be on my side but…..yeahhhhhh….looks straight ahead for the next 1.5 hours

    I also never went back to that theater. And luckily so….less than 2 months later there was in fact a shooting there.

Men of Reddit, what “feminine” thing do you wish was more acceptable for men to do? (Serious)

  1. The way women stand leaning on their arm that’s holding their hip, its super comfortable

  2. A male friend has been applying to a number of potential employers looking for a job as a “receptionist” because that’s what he really wants to do.

    He’s not gay, but just likes the role of a receptionist – being friendly, helpful, etc. So far, he’s had no luck, because he’s told that “they’re really looking for a woman to fill the post.”

    I wish someone would hire him, even though he’s male. But he’s getting the sense that employers think the job requires a “feminine” touch.

  3. Taking care of children. I’m really fine with 2-10 years old. I don’t need pedo stares.