[Serious] What is the most terrifying footage ever recorded? (NSFW)

  1. The Station Fire for me. How quickly it goes from everyone having a great time to people burning alive gives me chills. I can’t watch the video again, but there’s the link. Absolutely NSFL.

  2. girl eating at restaurant suddenly burned alive

    I don’t think i’m going to watch any of the other videos here. I don’t want to feel sick and depressed today, thank you

  3. Scuba diver Yuri Lipski recorded his own death when he descended too far and was unable to reascend. He slowly becomes disoriented and panics a lot. It’s quite a disturbing video to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eejQPUyeNiY

  4. In the Twilight zone movie, actor Vic Morrow and two other child actors were violently killed by the blades of the helicopter that was crashing during a stunt. Footage

  5. The video of the vietnam (I think) war vet shooting to death a policeman who pulled him over. The screams of the injured trooper and then the coldness of the execution shot made me shiver for a long time. I’ll post the link when I find it.

    Edit: Found the link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8-ycSkoYfc

  6. Pennsylvania senator Budd Dwyer killing himself at a conference was pretty gruesome. He took a .357 magnum out of a manila envelope, put it in his mouth and fired. The stream of blood that was gushing out of his nose was unreal. I believe the story behind it was he was caught in a scandal and during his last speech he handed out suicide notes to the crowd. Fucked up how he decided to scar that audience for life. The full video is on YouTube.

    Got the link. http://youtu.be/eVm88MX2Gw4 (NSFW/NSFL)

    Edit: It was a .357 magnum not a .44 magnum.

  7. I watched one of those beheading videos from Iraq early on in the 00s, it was terrible. Never again.

  8. Probably this Indian politician that randomly died. I find it most terrifying / disturbing how you can go from smiling and talking like normal then a second later just randomly dying with no warning.

    Edit: after digging around, he apparently died of a cardiac arrest

  9. Dash cam video of a man driving with his wife and kids on the highway, a loose brick falls off an oncoming truck and busts through the windshield instantly killing his wife. LINK – and Full Video for the insanely morbid.

    It’s terrifying because it just happens out of no where, no warning. The screams, my god the screams. I’d recommend not watching the video just because of the screams, you’ll never unhear them – the sounds of a family shattered forever.

  10. The video where a guy tried to jump into water from a balcony (or something similar) and smacked his face on the concrete. Then, (in the emergency room)it shows the surgeon holding his face together with his hands. I don’t know the language, but it seems like he doesn’t even know where to begin. Truly horrifying

  11. The video of the little girl being run over by 2 small trucks and people just walking around her as she lays dying in the road. In the end a litter picker helps her. Sorry for bad quality [link] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXEs9VkBiwQ)

  12. I just watched a documentary on Netflix about the Jonestown massacre and what bothered me more than the pictures and footage of hundreds of bodies scattered throughout a field is the last audio recording of Jones instructing everyone to take the poison. You can hear people screaming and crying as they were forced to take it while the others who took it willingly cheered and clapped, and this guy is just sitting up there as he watches people fall over dead by the dozens, saying shit like “die with dignity” and “we couldn’t find peace in life so we will find it in death”. It bothers me how calm he was. I can’t imagine living through the nightmare of being trapped in the middle of a jungle with a madman who has total control, getting forced fed poison as he preaches that I should just give up and calmly stands by and watches as all of his followers die right in front of him, with no feelings of remorse. Pure evil.

    Edit: I’ve been getting asked a lot for the name of the documentary. The one of Netflix is called Jonestown: Paradise lost and is also available on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11iF86_S8cM there are apparently several other documentaries, interviews, etc. available on YouTube as well, thank you /u/HaitchElGee for the info. I don’t suggest watching if you’re sensitive like me, it’s been a week since I watched it and I can’t stop thinking about what it must’ve been like to be one of those people, watching hundreds of children and adults die right before your eyes, knowing that you’re next while some guy calmly sits by watching everything go down and has the power to stop it, but instead tells you to “die with dignity”

What is the best socially unacceptable piece of advice?

  1. my favorite: follow the small rules and you can break the big ones


  2. Sometimes it’s best to entirely cut yourself off from toxic people. Sure you can forgive them, but you gotta watch out for yourself.

  3. Flattery works on everyone. The trick is to figure out what flavor of flattery suits each person. Sometimes it’s simply agreeing with someone’s opinions. Sometimes it’s being flirtatious. Sometimes it’s making a show of being subordinate. Sometimes it’s directly including someone in jokes. Sometimes it’s asking questions or for advice. Sometimes it’s just noticing someone.

    Flattery works on everyone. It’s best not to admit that openly, but if you’re doing it right, people can know your plan and still not be able to stop you, because they won’t want to.

  4. Save some of those pain meds for after you get better- my dad

  5. Be a bad liar when it doesn’t matter so that when you really need to lie people will believe you.

  6. Money might not buy happiness, but it makes your life a hell of a lot easier.

  7. A guy I used to live above – he was homeless for years as a teenager, he used to score pot off of me – told me once that no matter how bad things get, you have two choices: kill yourself or continue living. Every bad situation boiled down to that decision, in his opinion.

  8. Family should not get a free pass because they’re family. Family isn’t everything.

  9. People often ask me how I look so young for my age (they usually guess about 10 years under). The thing I don’t usually tell them is: it’s cuz don’t have kids. People don’t like that answer.

  10. Don’t be yourself. Yourself is a socially awkward asshole. Pretend to be a polite charming person.

  11. Get rid of friends that bring constant negativity into your life. There are so many positive people out there that are much more deserving of your life

    Along that same line, try your best to be a positive influence in others’ lives. Your friendship will be cherished.

  12. Always fact check your professors. Half truths get passed on by teachers more than anything else. Also there is no such thing as non-biased journalism.

  13. Public service announcement – remember to sort by “controversial” to actually get the socially unacceptable shit!

  14. Make yourself happy before you try to help others with their unhappiness. It may seem selfish but if you sacrifice so much of yourself for others you’ll run yourself dry and help no one.

  15. Practice and get good at Irish exits.

Redditors who talk or mutter to themselves, why do you do it?

  1. My thoughts are clearer and resonate stronger when I vocalise them. There is too much noise in my head and I spend all my thinking time there, its nice to think in another medium when I can.

  2. I talk to myself at work. Give myself a play by play of what I need to do and what I have done. It helps with spacial reasoning since I need to manage multiple things in a short period of time, all day long.

    I talk to myself at home. I talk to myself in the car. I talk to myself because I think I’m hilarious.

  3. I talk to myself because sometimes I want an expert opinion.

  4. It’s usually when I’m working or organising. I kind of narrate in 1st person.

    “So I’ll go over to here and put this there whilst doing this”

  5. I have social anxiety in general and I struggle alot to find the right words to say in a conversation. Whenever I speak 8/10 I trail off, unable to finish my setence. So I talk to myself, I spend the day imagining various social conversations I might be in and I practice what I would say in that particular scenario.

  6. When i play video games i pretend im making a commentary for my nonexistant youtube subs

  7. Because I refuse to believe foreplay is dead

  8. My imaginary life is better than my real life. Or honestly I’m just going through my thoughts.

  9. I’m working a shitty, unskilled job in retail at a grocery store for 8-10 hours a day. I’ve got to keep myself entertained somehow.

  10. I don’t know man, it just kind of happens

  11. Because I have no one to talk to 🙁

  12. Because I’m alone most of the time, whether I’m at home or if I’m at work. I have to talk to someone or I’d go mad.

  13. Gotta let the crazy out.


  14. So I can hear someone talking sense for change.

  15. Most of the time I’m practicing for future conversations, but sometimes it’s just to entertain myself.

As a kid, what was your worst “Shit, my parents are going to kill me” moment?

  1. I tripped my little sister and she broke her arm. Amazing, she told everyone that she tripped over a stick, and she kept up the lie for fifteen years until we were both out of college.

  2. in fourth grade I drew some sexual scenes thinking I was the coolest kid in the world. I got caught by the teacher so I ran toward the trash and throw the paper. the teacher ignored it so I thought it was over. later that day I am in the teacher office, my dad was there, the drawing on the table. my life flashes before me.

  3. When I tried to throw a large stone over moms car. I could not throw it over the car.

  4. When I was 13, I got a new laser pointer. I’d get bored and shine it in people’s windows at night for just a second, just enough to mess with their heads. One night a cop showed up on my porch and threatened to take me to jail. My mother was not amused.

  5. My dad bought me a car for my 18th birthday. Within the first month I accidentally scratched the side against an underground parking lot cement pole. I was so scared to tell my dad what I had done, but when I did his response was “well that’s why I bought you a shitty car”

  6. Not me, but when my brother was 17 he backed his truck up into my dads 1951 Pontiac. Now my dad bought this car when he was a teenager and spent years fixing it up, and was always really careful with it.

    My brother was so scared to tell him that he didn’t come home for a week.

  7. When I was about ten years old, it was a couple days before July 4th so we had a bunch of fireworks sitting around. We had some Piccolo Petes, (these horrible fireworks that just screech loudly for 10 seconds and do nothing else), and I took it in the backyard. Now about 10 minutes beforehand, my mom had told me not to light off any fireworks before the 4th. So I’m out there playing with my magnifying glass burning leaves and shit, and I decide to see if the magnifying glass can light a firework wick. But of course, I was going to stop it before it actually went off!

    So I see sparks flying, and I panic. I drop the magnifying glass and run inside where I meet face to face with my mom. She takes one look at me and says “What did you do?”. So I just stand there for a couple seconds sweating bullets, knowing what’s about to happen. Then from the backyard you hear the unholy screeching of the firework begin to sound. You could see the look on her face slowly change from “I know you’re up to something” to “You’re a fucking idiot.”

  8. We were young, and took my GF’s fathers car for a spin into town. Avoided cops and had a great night, rushed it back to the garage in time for the prefect crime. He walks in, and we are all smug in the knowledge we had got away with something major. Until he asks why his car is wet when it’s been garaged all night. I really thought we were in for it, but he laughed it off, before pulling me aside and advising me if we ever did it again, he would have my balls as a hood ornament

  9. When I was around six years old, the doctors had to have a pin put into one of my fingers to straighten it out. During school at lunch I pulled it out because I could. I soon realized I was fucked and they had to put another back in… when i was awake

  10. I lit a mormon church dumpster on fire when I was 8 using a dried up palm tree branch. I ran away, but then came back to see if things got worse… The fire department and police were there along with a crowd, and a family that saw me do it and run away pointed me out to the cops.

  11. When I was 15 my parents went on a short trip and left me home alone. I invited 6 people over. SIX! Around 50 or 60 came.

    There were kids there of all ages and, obviously, things got pretty messy. Spilled drinks, broken candleholder worth $800.00, the hot tub…oh man, the hot tub was seriously disgusting. People went in with clothes on, I found bottles and cans at the bottom, not to mention how many people had likely gotten off in there…

    One friend got so drunk I found her on my water bed (Yeah, that’s how cool I was), she had taken off the covers and was laying on the plastic…naked and rubbing herself all over. We covered her up and she soon ran into my bathroom and proceeded to puke everywhere. Everywhere. Shower, all over the toilet (barely in it), on the sink, and somehow on the fucking mirror. I made her clean it up herself.

    Here’s the worst part of all. The “Holy shit my parents are going to kill me!” part. Until now it was all things I could cleanup but I found out shortly after calling it a night and telling people to head home that my parents big liquor cabinet in the basement had been completely raided. Whiskey, rum, vodka, all sorts of big ass bottles were either empty or gone. I’m talking a good 35ish bottles.

    The older kids that were there (grade 12/oac guys) actually stayed afterwards to help me deal with it. We gathered all the empty bottles we could find and filled them with either water or water and the right amount of coke to make the color seem right. Placed the bottles in the cabinet making it seem as full as possible and hoped for the best.

    Fucked up part… I never got caught. I was never asked about all the shitty alcohol in the basement. I finally asked my mother when I was about 28 and her eyes widened in shock. Apparently those bottles they used to give away as gifts to people, so they just never knew.

    TL;DR Had a huge party, parents liquor cabinet raided, covered it up and got lucky as shit.

  12. I made a slingshot out of a piece of wood and some elastic. Thought I should test it out by shooting the back window of my parents van.

    Slingshot worked.

  13. i was cooking in our microwave (in my defense it was an old microwave) and it suddenly started making weird crackling noises. i looked in and the interior roof has a small fire right in the middle. So i did the only think an 8 year old would do i yelled fire and sprinted out of the house and left my mum who had to run out of the shower to put it out

  14. When I was about 10 I was playing with a friend who lived down the street. His younger brother and my younger sister both wanted to play hide and seek. We begrudgingly agreed and said we would be “it” first. We found this bucket of liquid and for some reason thought it was glue. It was at this point we decided to spread it all around the safe zone thinking if we couldn’t catch them it would stop them so we could tag them. It wasn’t glue. It was some kind of solvent. My sister ran through it, slipped, and landed directly on her head. Blood and tears everywhere. Thought she was dead. Was convinced I was either going to jail or my parents would kill me. Turned out to be fine. Didn’t even need stitches. Only grounded for like 2 weeks.

  15. Not me, but when my uncle was about 12, he broke glass cup while doing kid stuff his living room. Having new found shards of glass at his disposal, he decided he was going to test just how sharp broken glass really was……by seeing if it could cut through his parents thick waterbed matress. It could.

What Celebrities Would Get Torn Apart in an AMA?

  1. Axl Rose would have an absolute meltdown 3 questions in. I remember one time he showed up at a GNR forum (before Chinese Democracy) and managed to get into a flaming war with a fan before the mods had even confirmed it was him haha.

  2. Perez Hilton had a pretty rough time…

  3. The leader of Scientology, David Miscavige I believe

  4. Dr. Oz

    He is a snake oil salesman who exploits his audience for cash. Whats not to love.

  5. Nancy Grace would be an epic shitstorm.

  6. Chris Brown

  7. How is head of fcc Tom Wheeler not the top comment yet?

  8. Natalie Imbruglia

    Am I doing this right?

  9. there was an AMA with a Nascar driver not that long ago. the southpark is strong in here.

  10. Right now, probably Mr. Cosby.

  11. Tony Abbott

  12. Jaden Smith

  13. Mama June from Honey Boo Boo.

  14. I’d say Jenny McCarthy with her views on immunizations.

  15. I wanna say Rob Ford, but I think he would destroy all of his haters. I feel he would reply to every single question with great humor. I actually really want this now. Someone request it!

Excluding God vs Devil, what two characters are the best representation of Good vs Evil?

  1. You just made me realize that both God and Devil are each one letter away from their respective descriptor. Fascinating.

  2. The Day Man and the Night Man.

  3. The Helix and the Dome.

  4. Gandalf and Sauron. They were the same in potential, but had different ambitions.

  5. Google Fiber and Comcast wait

  6. Cartman and Butters.

  7. Dora and Swiper

  8. Spy -vs- Spy

  9. Us and them.

  10. Mufasa and Scar

  11. Squidward and Squilliam Fancyson.

  12. Aang vs. Ozai

  13. Goofus & Gallant

  14. Atticus Finch, Dolores Umbridge

  15. I think by far, the most interesting cases are when both of these representations exist in one character. In Watchmen, Rorschach exists as a representation of absolute morality. His actions stem from a place of pure “good” but their outcome is very often “evil.” There’s one prime example I really want to give, but I don’t want to spoil the book for those who havn’t read it. Those who have know what’s up…

    Edit: Here’s a really nice panel that illustrates this without revealing plot points:

World Travelers of Reddit, where did you go that was totally amazing?

  1. This might sound surprising but, Poland and more specifically, Krakow.
    The city was absolutely beautiful and filled with history and culture.

  2. Iceland.

    I liked Reykjavik, but it was the landscape of Iceland that I found incredible. The waterfalls, geysers, volcanos etc. One minute I was sat in a cafe in Reykjavik where it was 15 degrees C, then a few hours later I was on a snowmobile bumbling across a glacier in -15 degrees C fog.

  3. The Scottish Highlands.

  4. Prague. If you’ve been anywhere else in Europe, you know how expensive it can be. Prague is a gorgeous city with a rich history and great food… Yet it is also incredibly cheap. Like, cheaper than the US cheap.

  5. Innsbruck, Austria. Straight off a fuckin’ postcard.

  6. New Zealand. It’s worth spending a few weeks and really seeing as much as you can. Auckland was probably my least favourite place, but still really nice around the harbour.

    There is an amazing range of stuff to do, especially if you’re reasonably active. We skied, went sky-diving, horse-riding, canyon swinging, black water rafting, kayaking, glacier walking, street-luge thing etc. There’s plenty of more sedate stuff as well though, the scenery is incredibly varied and beautiful.

    Accommodation was really good value, car hire was cheap. Not sure if shopping is any good because I wasn’t interested. Overall the food is pretty good, especially when we went to some place where the earth’s crust is a few feet thick and they cook everything underground. Seafood and of course lamb is delicious.

    Everyone was pretty friendly – there were a couple of drunk kind of intimidating maori dudes in Auckland but elsewhere everyone is very welcoming and pleased to see you.

  7. Alaska. Imagine Colorado with bigger mountains, larger bears, better fishing, tons of moose, nearly 24 hours of sunlight in the summers, the Northern Lights in the winter, fresher air, higher elevation, cooler small towns, less tourists, untouched wildlife father than the eye can see, and it is nearly half the size of the continental US. It is like its own country.

    Edit: I looked into the actual size, and apparently the size I mentioned is more of a pseudo-statistic. It is about a 1 to 5 ratio compared to the continental US from the little research I did. It is still pretty big!

    2nd Edit: First, thanks for the gold, stranger. I am glad I got my first piece talking about my favorite part of my country. Someone mentioned that the Colorado does have a higher elevation on average, so I did get that part wrong, but Denali, or what is officially called Mt. McKinley, is the highest point in North America. So take that! I love Colorado, too. I was just spoiled with Alaska at a young age.

  8. St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

    Beautiful scenery (especially if you go when the icebergs are floating by), the friendliest people, great history, and a surprisingly cool food scene that’s blooming. Hiking right along the edge of the Atlantic was fun too. Very much recommended!

  9. Portugal. It’s like it’s forgotten on everyone’s ‘visit Europe’ list. Beautiful, has old castles and walled cities. Has mountains and Mediterranean climate. Lisbon itself is a very friendly and comfortable town, easy to get around in.

  10. Cinque Terre, Italy. Five villages built into the cliffs over the sea with hiking trails between them. We rented an apartment in Corniglia that overlooked the sea and it was fantastic. We could have spent a week or more there easily. I had some amazing meals there (Osteria de Mananan in Corniglia is AMAZING!) and everything was just so lovely and relaxed. I want to go back someday and spend more time there.

  11. Switzerland. It was the first place I went to in Europe and my first impression was “Holy crap Europe is unbelievably clean, has an amazing quality of life, unbelievably friendly people, great food, and some of the most beautiful nature one can ever hope to see!”

    Then I left Switzerland and visited multiple places in France, Germany, and England… that’s when I realized most of Europe is not nearly as well kept and amazing as Switzerland. They all have their own charm, their own history, etc. but man, Switzerland was like a utopia. It was unbelievable.

  12. Japan was my favorite place, especially Osaka. The people are so polite, extremely friendly and helpful, the city is amazingly beautiful (mind-blowingly so if you’re there for Hanami), the food is incredible. I felt so welcome and yet everything was completely different than anything I knew. I will be going back for sure.

    It’s really inspiring, the absolute respect for each other and citizenship. Definitely made me a better person in all aspects.

  13. Tuscany. I live pretty close so I wasn’t exactly blown away but that place is just as gorgeous as books and movies make you believe. Beautiful scenery, beautiful architecture, amazing food and wine, art and history everywhere, cool events every night and so much more. The popular places are super crowded in the summer but you can easily pick a random little town on the map and go there if you want a more authentic experience.

  14. Charleston, South Carolina. I felt like I had just travelled back hundreds of years to pre-civil war America. The city had an incredible balance between a colonial, southern, and beach-town atmosphere. I don’t think there’s anything quite like it.

  15. Pacific Northwest United States. Stunning scenery, beautifully dark night skies.

    Edit: Also, Northern Maine for the same reasons.