What are you addicted to?

  1. Nicotine gum. I successfully quit smoking eight years ago with the help of nicotine gum but I am still chewing it. It is a very expensive addiction.

  2. Cigarettes… I really wish it wasn’t cigarettes.

  3. Eating unhealthy.

    All it takes is one drink or meal and you’re fucked. Even though I’m a normal weight I know I’m rotting myself from the inside with all the junk I eat

  4. My phone. Whether it’s Reddit, email (that I hardly get), or fucking Facebook, I check the damn thing all the time.

  5. Popping every joint in my body every hour.

  6. Nothing. It seems like I just love doing nothing

  7. Orgasms and pesto.

  8. Nothing. I can stop whenever I want!

  9. Biting the skin around my fingers. Dermatophagia :/

  10. Kerbal Space Program.

  11. Caffeine and Netflix

  12. Alcohol.

  13. Cold turkey. I’ve been trying to quit cold turkey for years now.

  14. Dark chocolate. Cheeses. Wine.

    I like pretending I’m classy.

  15. Video games. For as long as I can remember. Spent one summer back in the day playing Runescape for 15 hours every day. I dream about playing games I’m currently playing in real life only to be disappointed when I wake up that I didn’t make any actual progress while I slept.

Worst response to “I love you”?

  1. Seen at 9:04 pm

  2. “I know. I heard you the first time.”

  3. “Just leave the money on the table when you go”

  4. “I’m sorry.”

  5. i love…cake? -eric foreman.

  6. Eww

  7. “Thank you.”

  8. “I love me too!”

  9. So this wasn’t me, but once while spending the night at a friends we were on the phone with this girl who was into him. I jokingly said something like, “bruh I freaking love you.” He went, “You see that Jessica? Alex loves me!” then she goes, “well I do too!” Like with the confidence of a thousand sailors that just pillaged Jamaica. It goes without saying that I cried laughing. Apparently it was really contagious because he started too. After it died down, my friend went, “you’re kidding right?”


  10. That’s nice.

  11. See you in chemistry !!!

  12. silence is the worst response. Leaves the person wondering.

  13. K.

  14. I love… your hot sister.

  15. laughter (unless nervous)

    Ditto, or me too. (it’s positive, but still c’mon)

In Cast Away could Tom Hanks’s character have done anything on the desert island different which would have improved his situation more?

  1. Stripped the dead aircraft crewman before burying him, he’d have had more clothing available.

  2. creating shoes sooner, way sooner.

  3. The writers and producers of the film got together and created a list of what they thought would be the most useless things to have with you on a desert island, hence the ice skates, party dress, volleyball.

    Then they gave that list to a team of survival experts who came back with a list of uses that they incorporated into the film.

    He did pretty well.

  4. He should have made sure to shut off that flashlight instead of letting it go dead the first night.

    He should have opened that package. There could have been something in there that could have changed his situation.

  5. Launch his raft on the opposite side of the island. Dumb ass kept fighting the trade wind blowing in. If he went out the other way, the island would have shielded the launch and made it easy to get out to sea. When he climbs to the top of the peak on the island you can clearly see it.

  6. Just so you all know, the contents of the package:

    In the third draft of the screenplay (March 13, 1998)the package is opened by Chuck on the island after he has lived there for 1000 days. In the package he finds two cans of salsa and a note that reads “You said our life was a prison. Dull. Boring. Empty. I can’t begin to tell you how much that hurt. I don’t want to lose you. I’m enclosing some salsa, the verde you like. Use it on your sticky rice and think of home. Then come home– to me. We’ll find the spice in our lives again. Together. I love you. Always. Bettina.”

    Kind of sad to think that whoever that note was for probably didn’t come back home.

  7. Yes! Within the first couple of nights, he sees search lights off in the distance. He tries to signal them with his tiny flashlight.

    If he had a raging fire going already, he may have been found quickly. Make a huge fire at night. Make lots of smoke during the day.

  8. To improve his situation, he should have had a pyre on top of the peak ready to go as if he were trying to signal Gondor.

  9. I haven’t seen the movie in a while so I may be mistaken. I remember being frustrated with how he was making rope. You should take the thin bark from small trees for rope, cut it into strips then twist it together like you’re making a two-ply braid . The vines he used wouldn’t be very flexible or strong.

  10. It was tight knit. His spearing skills and improv of things like the skates was well done.

    Don’t mean to steal other points but leave on the lee-side is best. You’re just floating, may as well float from the safe side. It was more dramatic to go into the waves but its hard to believe the “get caught in the wrong current” thing.

    Build a bigger raft and take more provisions. Have a sunshade. Get fat first.

    Have fires ready in the shape of “dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot”

  11. Made a hole in Wilson

  12. He should have gone looking for the hatch.

  13. he should’ve lashed together a couple of sea turtles using the hair from his back

  14. Draw up plans for a coconut radio and, if possible, a coconut Nintendo system.

  15. He could have taken a moment to be happy that he wasn’t a british child with a bunch of other british children trapped on the island.

[Stories] Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?

  1. My friend and I were going to a party a few hours out of town, so we decided to stay at her family’s holiday house about an hour south of the party (now three hours from home). We arrived around mid afternoon, and it was winter in a holiday town, so the area was completely empty – no other cars on the street.

    When we left for the party I spent a moment deciding whether to pull the gate all the way closed. I’d had some trouble opening it earlier when we arrived, and if we were getting home late at night I didn’t want to be stuck outside. I decided to shut it for security.

    Party was great, we got back to the house around 12:30, and the gate was open. I immediately felt on edge because not only did I know I’d locked it, but I knee it couldn’t just blow open in the wind, but I didn’t want to make a big deal so I was vague when my friend asked if I’d shut it. We went inside, and decided to make a snack. I was wandering through the house when suddenly my friend raced from the kitchen into the hallway and virtually tackled me to the ground; she was convinced she’d heard someone walking around outside. We tried to calm ourselves down, but we had no cell reception and there was no one else around. Over the next half hour or so, as we sat in the hallway paralysed with fear, we heard footsteps outside, and the back door being jimmied.

    We decided we had to leave, so we gathered everything up and got ready to make a break for the car. Just as we were at the front door ready to leave, there was a huge bang in the back yard, and suddenly what sounded like hundreds of birds started screaming. We legged it to the car, ended up starting it with all our stuff still on our laps, we hadn’t bothered to even put it in the backseat. As we reversed out the driveway we saw somebody running up the side of the house towards us.

    Sped the entire way home and even once we got back to my place, didn’t sleep at all that night.

  2. My favorite answer from a previous thread:

    Credit where credit is due.

    It was near Halloween time when my friends and I were telling ghost stories. My friend said she was going to tell a story about her parents’ first date. She said she didn’t like telling the story, since it was actually true, but we prodded her on.

    To cut to the chase, the parents had spent a nice, if awkward first date, and around the time that they would have said “good night,” the male in the situation–my friend’s dad–suggested that they go for a midnight hike up Provo Canyon. He apparently knew the place, since he had done a fair amount of rock climbing in the area. So the two drove up the mouth of the canyon, got out of their cars and started hiking under just the light of the stars, since it was a new moon.

    At some point, the male starts getting a “bad feeling,” since the pathway ahead, which would pass under some trees, would be dark, and because it was getting to be quite late. He ignores the feeling and presses on. In later rehearsings of the story, the female would say that she had felt the same feeling at what was probably the same time, though she didn’t know the trail like he did. A minute later, the feeling came back to the male. He ignored it again, and started walking a bit of the way into the trees when his foot hit something “soft” in the middle of the path. Under the trees, it was too dark to see just what this soft thing was, and the feeling came back stronger than ever. Instead of finding out what his foot had bumped into, he and the female both agreed to hightail it out of there…

    Years later, after being married for some time, they were watching an interview with the serial killer, Ted Bundy. In response to a question asking him to describe the time that he felt the closest to being caught, he explained about the night that he lured a girl into Provo Canyon, and had just killed her when he heard some people coming up the trail. He explained how he hid in the trees just in time, only to watch some guy walk right into the body, and for some reason, just turn around and walk away.

    TL;DR. Friend’s parents stumbled onto a fresh corpse left by Ted Bundy on their first date.

  3. Posted this before in a different thread but still a pretty creepy story….Before my family and I moved to another state, my father went and visited the area to check on the progress of our new house which was being built. My father was there for a few days and was staying at some crappy Motel 6 in a shady area of town. His room was the last room at the end of the hallway on the top floor. In the middle of the night on the last night he was in town he is woken by the phone ringing in his room. He groggily answers. It was the front desk and they say something along the lines “Sorry to wake you, but we’ve been receiving a couple of reports about rooms being broken into and some stuff being stolen. We are calling to make sure you lock your door and are safe.” My father replies that he is fine and hangs up. He decides to go double check that he locked the door. As he sits up in bed he notices that the door to his room is ajar. Being spooked, he cautiously checks the room and finds that nothing is missing and no one else is in the room. He creeps to the door and peaks out. Sitting right outside his room on the window sill of the hallway window is his shaving kit. Creeped out of his mind, he quickly grabs it and locks the door. After he calms down a bit he calls down to the front desk and says “Hey, you just called me about the break ins around the hotel, and I just want to report that my room was broken into when I was sleeping, nothing stolen and I am fine. Figured you would like to know” The front desk replies, “You must be mistaken, we never called your room and we haven’t received any reports of breaks ins”

  4. When I was younger, I had an imaginary friend who lived in this massive antique dresser. We’d chill out and I vividly remember him telling me stories, although I have absolutely no recollection of what they actually were.

    I remember one day talking to my parents about it (Dad traveled quite a bit so he wasn’t up to date with what I was into) and when I started telling him about my dresser buddy, he wanted to know his name. It was something innocent like Peter or Patrick but I can still see him going white in the face.

    I drew Peter/Patrick out for him and the very next day him and my uncle took out that dresser and burned it. It wasn’t until a few years later when I found out my Dad’s little brother (my uncle) also had the same friend with the same name who lived in the same antique dresser. After a few months of the typical imaginary friend shit, my uncle started having night terrors and couldn’t sleep because of Peter/Patrick. It got so bad that they had to move him out of his room before he managed to get back to normal.

  5. A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were sleeping together, when I woke up to her saying “What are you doing?” She sometimes talks in her sleep, but this sounded so coherent and urgent that it jolted me awake and I asked what she was talking about. She then woke up and said she thought she saw someone at the end of the bed. Thinking it was just a dream, or semi-awake hallucination, we thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. About an hour later, I woke up and saw someone standing on the bed, with the sheets wrapped up and twisted to their neck. I didn’t know what do but the first thing that came out of my mouth was “What are you doing?” My girlfriend then woke me up. I had been dreaming the exact same thing that she did, and said the exact same thing.

    I know it’s the power of suggestion or whatever, but fuck that.

  6. About a couple weeks after I was born my dad’s best friend, Jim, died. They were really close, and one of the last things he wanted was to hold little me before he passed. His wish was filled, and some short time after that he was gone.

    Fast forward 7 years. I’m now a happy 7-year-old with a 5-year-old brother and recently born sister. One day the phone rings, and with my mom out and dad in the washroom I thought it was going to be ignored as we kids were still too young to answer the phone (no call display, we didn’t know if there would be a stranger). But my brother broke the rules and answered. “Hello?”

    At this point my dad is out of the washroom and is asking my brother to hand him the phone. He ignores him and keeps listening to whoever is speaking. Before my dad could ask a second time my brother hangs up, looks at him and says, “Jim says hi, and he misses SkywingNova,” then goes back to playing. The look of shock my dad had is what I remember most about this.

  7. When I was a child we would frequently get calls for a woman named Tanya. Didn’t seem like a big deal, she had the same last name as us, although it’s quite a common one around here.

    When we moved across the city and phone books stopped being the go-to for finding somebody’s number, the calls for Tanya gradually stopped. Those days seemed to have ended and we carried on, forgetting about the mysterious Tanya.

    It was about 4 years ago that she popped up in our lives again.

    I was driving home from work one afternoon and was greeted by a pretty grisly car wreck at the turn to my house – two cars had collided and one had wrapped itself around the signage pole that had house numbers and directions on it, one of which was my house number.

    Several days later we get a call from the police. They asked if Tanya was at this residence. Her car was found wrapped around a pole – down the street from my house – and she was nowhere to be found at the accident site.

    Haven’t heard anything about her since.

  8. From this thread about weird shit kids say:

    I was visiting family for winter break in Los Angeles, this was about five years ago. I was heading to the bathroom on the second floor of my aunt’s house when I saw my cousin, April, on the stairs. April was four and very animated. She was busy making funny faces while sitting on the stairs. I asked her what she was doing. She said, “I’m copying the lady with the braid.” I looked around, there was no one else but us. I asked, “where is the lady, April?” She pointed to a beam running parallel to the stairwell. I asked April, “what is the lady doing?” She said, “makin’ funny faces.” I smiled and started walking up the stairs again when April said something that stopped me in my tracks. April, “her braids is around her neck.” I turned back and asked April to repeat herself. April pointed,”the lady is hanging by her braid… She’s making funny faces.” Then April started making a face which I then realize was it someone gasping for air.

    Creepy as balls.

  9. My wife’s mother passed away in 2003 from cancer. After the funeral, family and friends gathered at her house for a final celebration of her life. The gathering went late into the evening. My son, 3 at the time, needed to go to bed at that point.

    I walked with him up the stairs to where he would sleep. The room that my mother-in-law passed away in was upstairs, and straight down the hallway as you reached the top of the landing. My son and I walked upstairs together, with me holding his hand. As we nearly reached the top of the stairs, my son stopped and wouldn’t move…at the point which he could just see down the hallway. He was staring straight down the hall. I looked at him, then down the hall to an open doorway to a completely dark bedroom. He just stared, and would not move any further. I asked him “Buddy, are you OK?” His response was…”Daddy. The light. The light scares me.” I looked again down the hallway where he was staring into darkness. “Buddy, you see a light?” “Yes daddy. It scares me.”

    I promptly picked him up and went back downstairs. To this day, the hairs still stand on the back of my neck when I think of it.

  10. When I was in eighth grade I went on a school trip that was called the Louisiana Tour. It was mostly going around to significant sights in south Louisiana. One of the places we went was Myrtles Plantation, which is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the country.

    There are all kinds of stories about the place, but at one point we were standing in a room as a part of a larger group and the tour guide was talking about something, I don’t remember what. As I’m standing there I start to hear what sounds like someone hitting a piano key. After I heard it a couple of times I started to look around for the source of the noise. I didn’t see a piano, but I kept hearing it. So I asked my friends who were standing near me if they heard it, they said no. When I heard it again I said there is it again and that they must have heard it. They thought I was crazy.

    So I went back to looking around the room. Everyone’s eyes were on the tour guide except for one woman. She caught my eye and pointed at me and then at her ear with a questioning look. I realized she was asking if I heard it too and I nodded.

    At this point the tour guide starts telling a story about a soldier who had died there and that he played the piano and multiple guests had reported hearing him playing in the night.

    I honestly didn’t know what to think, I guess I still don’t. I talked to the woman as we were all leaving the room and she had heard the exact same thing as me, but her husband and son had not heard it.

  11. One of my brothers worked security in one of New York City’s most upscale hotels. The security desk received a frantic call during one of his night shifts. A guy was calling, all freaked out that his wife was in the bath and was not breathing. My brother and another security guard rushed upstairs to the room. Sure enough, they found a woman in the tub, and she was unresponsive. My brother and the other guard got her out of the tub and attempted CPR. In the interim, during resuscitation attempts, the NYPD arrived. They told my brother to stop CPR because the lady was obviously dead and in their opinion, had been for a couple of hours. The husband was questioned extensively. He told law enforcement that he and his wife had a fight earlier in the evening. He went out on his own and when he came back, his wife was in the bath. He says he went to bed at that point but later became concerned when his wife didn’t come to bed. Privately, among all those present, the general consensus was that the husband had something to do with it but it could not be proven. A couple of weeks later, the room was again made available to guests, and of course the incident was not mentioned. A woman who frequently stayed at the hotel, made a reservation for a week and was assigned to that room. She was the first person to stay in the room since the incident. She came to the front desk first thing in the morning, very upset, and with all of her luggage in tow. She said that she was canceling the rest of her reservation and that she would NEVER be staying in the hotel again. She said that she did not sleep the entire night and that the room was haunted. No one at the hotel had mentioned to her what had previously transpired in the room. While my brother worked there, every guest who stayed in the room, called about strange goings on and many asked to be switched to another room.

  12. When I was younger my family was extremely poor and lived in a very old mobile home on some land my grandpa owned. This piece of land was in a very small town out in the middle of nowhere Texas and was covered in woods. The town itself was your typical small country town where football was king and there was nothing to do but get drunk or high on the weekend. It was also the type of town, along with it being early 90s, where one didn’t typically have to worry too much about locking their doors or setting an alarm.

    Now, our trailer was a two bedroom and my parents, always putting us kids ahead of themselves, slept in the living room on a fold out couch. My room was directly connected to it and my sisters room was down a hallway past the kitchen and bathroom at the other end of the trailer.

    One night, after everyone had gone to bed, my dad is woken up by a feeling that there is someone in the room. He looks around a bit and sees a large male figure sitting in the easy chair just feet from the bed. My dad quickly flipped on the light switch next to his bed and saw it was a neighbor from down the road named Carter. Carter was known to be a frequent drug user and was often in trouble with the law because of thise.

    My dad asked him what the fuck he was doing here and told him to get out and he responded. “I can’t get out. The demons are chasing me and your house is the only safe one.” My dad, who I should is fairly large and terrifying person, responded that if he didn’t get out and get out quickly that the house would be a lot less safe for him. “If I leave they’ll get me! They’ve been chasing me all night. If they catch me I’m dead.” My dad’s response was that there was no demons but that if he didn’t get the fuck out of his house that he’d be dead. From what I’ve been told, since I was asleep for this part, my mom also hurled a few threats and, while she may not be big, she was equally as terrifying. I believe it was her anger that finally scared him off.

    My dad got up and locked the door and watched through the blinds as Carter decided, since he couldn’t outrun the demons he’d steal our old beater Suburban that my dad always left the keys in. He drove around for about an hour. We called the police and it took them about that long to get out to us since the closest police station was about 20 or 30 minutes away. He finally brought it back and was arrested and taken to jail. He was deemed crazy and ended up locked in a mental institution.

    The scarier part is that for years after this we’d get phone calls where all we’d here is music that would have lyrics like “I’m going to fucking kill you!” These calls lasted for years and followed us from house to house even though we always had different numbers and would even be in different states. We always thought it was him sending us a message.

    The calls stopped when I was about 12. I later found out that it was around that time that Carter thought the best thing he could do for himself was soak himself in gasoline and set himself on fire.

  13. I was at a friend’s house around 12 years ago, we were in the basement watching tv, when his mom’s boyfriend comes down the stairs and tells us to keep it down. We looked at each other, confused because we were literally just watching tv and it wasn’t on high volume at all. We said we weren’t being loud, and he said ‘You aren’t yelling?’ and we shook our heads. He just sort of does the ‘huh..’ look and tells us he and my friend’s mom had heard someone screaming coming up from the furnace vents, so he though it was coming from the basement where the furnace is. We didn’t hear anything and were like 15 feet away from the furnace.

    Sadly I can’t verify the next story because I wasn’t there, but my friend (from the basement) and another friend say they were upstairs in the kitchen one night hanging out, and they heard a scream, clear as day, coming out of one of the furnace vents. Freaked them out, naturally, but I never did get to hear it.

    Probably just metal creaking, but it was weird that we were so close to it and didn’t hear anything that could be interpreted as a scream.

  14. I’m late to the party but I’ll share anyways. When I was a teenager I was big into skateboarding and building ramps and shit. There was a neighborhood being built behind mine and I’d go over there on the weekends and get scrap wood and bring it back to my house. You had to go through a little bit of woods and cross a creek to get there. I went one day be my self and when I crossed the creek and started walking through the woods to the construction site I could here a man talking. I stood still to try to hear what he was saying. It was getting louder as if he was coming through the woods towards me and I finally heard what he was saying and he made a little jingle singing “I’m gonna get you”. I couldn’t hear any leaves crunching and I never saw anyone. I ran like hell and was slipping while I was trying to climb up the muddy bank in the creek. I don’t believe in ghosts or anything but that’s one thing that’s stuck with me that I can’t explain.

  15. Throwaway because I’ve told people this story before and it’s pretty recognizable.

    My school’s library is open until around 2 in the morning for the idiots like me who don’t do their essays until the last minute, it’s a pretty small building and most of the books are in the basement area called the “Stacks”. Just to give you a quick layout, there’s the big main stairs that go down to the Stacks, a vending machine room, and the long hallway with four entrances into the Stacks. The Stacks are two really big rooms on opposite sides of the hallway with a huge amount of bookshelves and study desks lining the walls.

    I was there around 11pm last year, it was a pretty research intensive essay so I was down in the Stacks working in one of the study desks so I didn’t have to keep going upstairs and downstairs again. I had been there for maybe two hours and everyone except for a boy working a few desks down from me had left already. I was pretty zoned out by this point, it was an 8am class so I didn’t have much time until it was due and I was sort of panicking, so it really pissed me off when I heard someone flipping through book pages really fast to make them do that loud whir noise at the other end of the room. I sort of ignored it for a while thinking they’d go away eventually, but they just kept doing it.

    After about five minutes, I got sick of it and started to walk over to tell them to be knock it off. I get about three steps across the room and it just stopped. I sat back down and it was quiet again for like ten more minutes before the flipping pages noise started again, only loads louder, like they’d grabbed a huge book that time.

    The boy started to get pissed off too and he stood up and started walking through the bookshelves trying to find them. It keeps going so I got up too and started looking around with him. It got really loud and it was pretty obvious where it was coming from by that point, so we started walking towards it, he was on one side of the shelves and I was on the other.

    We walked all the way down the shelves. No one there. We hadn’t seen anyone come in the stacks and we were on the side of the room with the entrances, no way could anyone have come in without us seeing them. The noise stopped again and we both just sort of slowly walked back to our seats, I assumed it was just a fan or something in the other room and I really needed to get my essay done.

    We sat down and immediately the noise started again, it sounded like it was coming from right next to the guy’s chair. He shoved his stuff in his bag, looked at me, said, “Fuck this” and took off. I was out of there maybe five seconds behind him. I still won’t go back in the Stacks at night, even when there’s other people down there. No essay’s worth getting murdered by a weird book ghost.

What’s the coolest thing you can get for $5 or less?

  1. Liquid Nitrogen.

    It’s actually incredibly cheap.

  2. A slingshot from Cracker Barrel.

  3. A bunch of bouncy balls. That way you can throw all of them at once and cause havoc.

  4. Balsa wood plane from ACE Hardware. Like $3.

  5. Silly string or those sponges that compressed down to tiny size and expand huge like in the bath.

  6. At my local walmart, you can buy vibrating cock rings for $5

  7. 3 3.5mm audio jack splitters. That way you can stick em together and get a 4-way 3.5mm audio jack splitter so you and three other friends can listen to the same music while nobody else can hear it.

  8. There’s a website called fiverr.com where you can, among other things, find and hire a professional voice actor or a singer call your friend and say whatever you want them to, or even sing. I think that s a good deal for five bucks.

  9. IKEA Breakfast

    Edit: Actually 5 IKEA Breakfasts since it’s 99 cents for a plate. also the breakfast is apparently free on Monday. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/store/tempe/restaurant

  10. $5 milkshake

  11. Cedarwood chips.

    You can buy an enormous bag for about $4 and they look fantastic on your garden bed.

    ^I’m ^slowly ^becoming ^a ^boring ^old ^man.

  12. play-dough. Have you played with that stuff recently? It’s fun!

  13. Google cardboard!!!! It’s virtual reality on your phone for about 5 dollars if you find a good deal online. Or, you could build it yourself for less.

  14. Wait for Steam sale. Purchase several new games.

  15. Electric Fly Swatter.

    Makes revenge fun.

What is your favourite creepypasta? [NSFW][NSFL]

  1. Can anyone remember/link me to this series of stories, I think it was on /r/nosleep , of a guy and all the terrifying events that followed him around as he grew up? Like someone in his neighborhood was obsessed with him and did all sorts of terrifying murderous stuff over the years, or there was another part of the story involving a walkie talkie and going back to his old house in the neighborhood, and his childhood best friend disappeared and stuff.

    Does anyone remember this series of stories I’m referencing? It was very well done.

    EDIT: I’ve edited to remove anything remotely spoilery now that the source has been found. THANK YOU u/mscoolgirl!

  2. Coffins used to be built with holes in them, attached to six feet of copper tubing and a bell. The tubing would allow air for victims buried under the mistaken impression they were dead. Harold, the Oakdale gravedigger, upon hearing a bell, went to go see if it was children pretending to be spirits. Sometimes it was also the wind. This time it wasn’t either. A voice from below begged, pleaded to be unburied.

    “You Sarah O’Bannon?”
    “Yes!” the voice assured.
    “You were born on September 17, 1827?”
    “The gravestone here says you died on February 19?”
    “No I’m alive, it was a mistake! Dig me up, set me free!”

    “Sorry about this, ma’am,” Harold said, stepping on the bell to silence it and plugging up the copper tube with dirt. “But this is August. Whatever you is down there, you ain’t alive no more, and you ain’t comin’ up.”

  3. Ted the Caver http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/TedtheCaver

  4. I didn’t fear stories until ‘Goatman


  5. The ugly barnacle

  6. NoEnd House

    It might not be terrifying but it’s still my favorite one.

  7. During the summer of 1983, in a quiet town near Minneapolis, Minnesota, the charred body of a woman was found inside the kitchen stove of a small farmhouse. A video camera was also found in the kitchen, standing on a tripod and pointing at the oven. No tape was found inside the camera at the time.

    Although the scene was originally labeled as a homicide by police, an unmarked VHS tape was later discovered at the bottom of the farm’s well (which had apparently dried up earlier that year).

    Despite its worn condition, and the fact that it contained no audio, police were still able to view the contents of the tape. It depicted a woman recording herself in front of a video camera (seemingly using the same camera the police found in the kitchen). After positioning the camera to include both her and her kitchen stove in the image, the tape then showed her turning on the oven, opening the door, crawling inside, and then closing the door behind her. Eight minutes into the video, the oven could be seen shaking violently, after which point thick black smoke could be seen emanating from it. For the remaining 45 minutes of video, until the batteries in the camera died, it remained in its stationary position.

    To avoid disturbing the local community, police never released any information about the tape, or even the fact that it was found. Police were also not able to determine who put the tape in the well, nor could they explain why the skeleton pulled from the oven was of completely different height and stature than the women in the video.

  8. I’m pretty freaked out.
    That thing has been there for almost a week. The figure in the window. It looks featureless, only skin on a human
    frame, and it’s pressing itself against the glass somehow. I don’t know how it got there, and I don’t know how to get rid of it.
    At first I thought it was a prank, a doll or mannequin that some jerks put there to scare me. But I realized as I walked out of my house to pull it away… it wasn’t there. I shrugged it off, thinking that someone had hidden it while I was walking through my door. But I went back in and looked out that same window, and it was looking in, staring at me. I walked around my house, yelling for whoever it was to come out, but no one was there. The thing is hairless and naked, and it didn’t look like it actually had eyes, or even a face at all. But its head is turned towards me when I enter the room. When I sit on my computer, I can feel its faceless hatred boring into my neck. But when I turn around, it’s innocently turned in a different direction.
    Finally on Thursday, I tried to open the window, but it’s stuck. I think the thing’s hands are keeping it down. But I got a good look at its face. Its eyes and mouth are behind the skin, pushing outward.

    It stared at me, smiling.

    I pulled back a fist and smashed it onto the glass, determined once and for all to get rid of the glaring monster. I know I’m strong enough. That glass should’ve cracked.

    But it didn’t. It shuddered under my hand, but it didn’t break. And that smile just got wider and wider and wider, until I thought its head would break in half. It raised its own hand and bashed the window with its palm. It was mocking me. But I saw the faintest crack begin to appear where it had hit, and I backed away.

    No way did I want that smile in the same room as me.

    So I got a roll of duct tape, and I started covering the window. I couldn’t look directly at it; I nearly shit my pants just knowing it was watching me. But I couldn’t help it. I took a quick glance at that skin-covered face. A small peek.

    It was angry.

    That menacing grin was now a gaping frown full of teeth. The skin had ripped away from its mouth and I could see down its cavernous throat. A menacing rumble started to fill the house, and that hairline crack began to spread like splintering ice. I pulled down the duct tape. The rumble stopped, the split skin healed over, and it began to smile again.

    Now it’s night, and the noise hasn’t started again. There are no sounds, no rumble, no crackling glass. Everything’s quiet now.

    But I can feel its claws gripping the back of my chair. I can hear its skin stretching as it smiles.

    It’s watching me type.

  9. I remember this phase I had. I read so many creepypasta, one after another, for days. I don’t know if it’s because I read so many, but the last one I read really got to me. I had to stop reading them for a couple days.
    I really liked The Smiling Man (one of my first!), but Funnymouth creeped me the hell out.
    Edit: to add links. Also, The Basement (read it on CP, but couldn’t find a link there)

  10. A young girl is playing in her bedroom when she hears her mother call to her from the kitchen, so she runs downstairs to see what she needs.

    Halfway down the stairs, the young girl hears her mother’s voice calling softly from above, “Don’t go down there. I heard it too.”

  11. Abandoned by Disney. Freaks me right the hell out, and it’s very well written.

  12. I don’t know if this counts, but when I was a kid I used to watch this really creepy show called Candle cove

  13. The story about the haunted Zelda Major’s Mask cartridge, complete with video of the bizarre glitches. Link

  14. No end house has always been a favorite of mine.

    It’s about a guy who tries beating this “haunted house” after his drug addicted friend tried to do it for 500 dollars but could only go a few rooms before leaving from sheer terror. The guy in said story doesn’t believe him on the account he’s a fucking drug addict but decides to try the house anyways just to prove to him it’s probably just some regular haunted house. As he enters the rooms though he soon finds it’s much farther from anything regular and in fact deeply more insidious.


What’s a hobby that just gets exponentially more expensive as you get deeper into it?

  1. Scuba diving

  2. Saltwater aquariums

  3. Cars, especially when it comes to rare cars. The insurance and maintenance costs must be insane.

  4. Astronomy.
    Naked eyes: free
    Basic backyard telescope: $100’s
    Something a bit less than basic: $1,000’s
    High end (plus backyard observatory): $10,000’s
    Mountain top observatory: Upwards of $1.5 million
    EVLA: $100 million
    Hubble Space Telescope: $2.5 billion

    EDIT: line breaks

  5. HAM radio.

  6. Travel… every place you go there are two more places beside it you didn’t visit.

  7. Knitting. You start with cheap acrylic shit yarn from the craft store and plastic needles. Then you discover fine wools. And silk blends. And local farm produce. And hand dyed yarny masterpieces. And rare fibers like cashmere and quiviuk.

    And then you need good tools to work with. You get an interchangeable set, and then another, and another. And a custom case to put them all in.

    After 14 years, I own about $700 worth of needles and have spent over $20,000 on yarn.

    I thought I’d save money by knitting my own sweaters for $10 each. That’s hilarious to me now – the last sweater quantity of yarn I bought is a cashmere blend and was over $250.

    And now I own a spinning wheel and associated accessories for it.

  8. Homebrewing. It started with ~100 dollars in gear and 20-30 dollars to make a few gallons.

    Now I’ve got a few grand tied up in kegging equipment, temperature controlled fermentation chambers, Kegorators, grain storage, growing my own hops, and my soon to be completed partially automated 20 gallon brewing system.

    Edit: Well shit, this blew up. I don’t have any pictures of my new 20 gallon system yet, but here’s my Hop plants, A little brew day action, Bigger pot and burner, Grain mill, Science!, delicious

  9. Recreational flying…

    You dish out 100$ on a ‘discovery flight’, the addiction strikes. So you figure, why not work on your private license? 8000$ later, you’re licensed and set to conquer the skies whenever you want! But wait, the rental rate is 150$ an hour? Ok, cut a few costs elsewhere to stay airborne. You build experience, why not go for your instrument rating? A few thousand dollars later, look at you go! Might as well be a well rounded pilot, and do some taildragger/multi/____ training for the experience. Those rental costs though, they haven’t improved so you peruse used aircraft advertisements. That gorgeous little Cessna 172 catches your eye, and all of a sudden you’re an owner. And broke!

    Edit: Thank you to whoever gifted the gold, certainly an unexpected occurrence! To everyone out there, don’t let the cost stop you – the general aviation community needs more pilots, I highly recommend taking the jump and trying a few flying lessons, even if you don’t go all the way through licensing.

  10. Horseriding / anything equestrian.

    As a beginner you’ll need a bonnet, jodhpurs and lessons.
    Next thing you know, you’re competing and need fancy clothes.
    And a horse to feed, house and groom.
    Several horses….

  11. Paintball. My first gun was like $100, and I’d use half a case of paintballs (maybe $40 worth) during a day.

    As of when I stopped playing, top of the line guns were $1200-$1500, and people I knew would usually dump a few hundred more on upgrades, and use 3-6 cases of paintballs a day. Plus, you know, they’d have 3 or 4 backup guns, and the competitive level players would go through more like 12-15 cases a day from what I understand.

  12. Golf. You can start out with a nice used set that cost maybe 200 bucks. You get better everyone is telling you the new Titliest will really give you those extra yards to lower that score. You’re shooting bogey now. You’re close game has been all over the place. I need a new set of wedges, of course! 300 bucks there even though you’ve bough those new irons for 799. How much is the new SLDR? 399. Not to mention a fairway wood and hybrids. 400 there. How much is it to actually play? At lowest 30-40 bucks per 18. 100 for nicer courses, and the beer. So much $20 dollar 12 packs.

    Edit: come join us over at /r/golf

  13. Audiophilia. Especially when you start believing you need magical pixie dust power cables.

  14. With two little boys, just rediscovering just how dang expensive Legos are.

    EDIT: A few folks have mentioned pley.com. We actually tried that out and… eh? We never got anything higher than #12 on our queue (Pley doesn’t tell you which sets are in high demand), and every set we got was either missing a couple of pieces, barely disassembled, or both.

  15. Beer.

    I remember my husband buying his first specialty beer, which cost like 3 euros. Then he joined a drinking team and started to attend beer fairs. Now we have 2500 euros worth microbrewery in our apartment kitchen.