If you were to redo The Breakfast Club nowadays, what modern teenage sterotypes would you put in the film?

  1. The teenage washed up actor in their 40’s and 50’s stereotype. I’d bring in all the original cast to play all the parts.

  2. Okay, obviously if this were going to work the opening montage of them showing up for detention would include the principal holding out a bucket for their cell phones as they enter the library. He’d even stop Bender and make him cough up extra phones that are presumably stolen.

    Jesus Christ people, just make it work.

    Other than that I think all the stereotypes would still work.

  3. They really don’t change. You’ll always have jocks, popular girls, nerds, burnouts, and misunderstood people.

    Though, from everyone’s point of view, we’re all misunderstood.

    The movie’s perfect, leave it the fuck alone.

  4. You’d have a techie programmer kid, the generic “white girl”, the jock, the stoner, and the loner.

  5. A bro – dave franco

    A hipster – jay baruchal

    Smart Nerdy Kid – Michael Cera

    Molly Ringwald princess type – Emma Stone

    Nerdy Chick – Ellen Page

  6. The misunderstood neckbeard

  7. a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.
    does that answer your question?

  8. The Basket Case would be an emo or scene girl. The Princess would have a reputation for sleeping around because she once sent a picture of her tits on Snapchat and her boyfriend sent it to everyone. The Criminal, Athlete, and Brain would be nearly the same.

  9. My guess is that it would look like the original cast of Glee.

  10. The slutty one that snap chats her tits to all the dudes from the bathroom.

  11. ITT: Damn those teens and their cellular phones!

  12. Emilio Estevez has aged really well, so him as the jock again.

  13. The annoying “music guy / junior promoter / self-styled entrepreneur” that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground

  14. Same shit, at the core it was all the same thing.

    You still have nerds.
    You still have sports guys
    You still have Rich/Pretty/”Popular” girls
    You still have alternative kids
    You still have whatever the hell Bender was

    You just have different subcultures of losers, popular kids and jocks

    Pretty much the only thing that would be different is the clothing.

Reddit, what is your darkest secret you’re dying to tell?

  1. I won the lottery years back. Got a lawyer, did everything the right way, invested it all in mutual funds ect… None of my friends know and very little of my family.

  2. When I was told I had cancer last week, part of me was happy because I’ve completely fucked up my life and this seemed like a get out of jail free card. I was going to fail out of college. Come to find out that I’ve got a rather large tumor in my brain which prevents me from reasoning properly. Yeah it’s going to kill me within a year, but my self-esteem has gone way up, because I’m not as dumb as I thought I was.

  3. I’m really insecure. I’m so glad I’m not controlling my relationship, or bending backwards to pleats people, but I get down very easily and pick apart all of my flaws. I feel as though I’m below the people I want to be around, and am stuck with a lot of my friends.

  4. I am so fucking bored of everything. I’m not suicidal, pretty sure I’m not depressed and I’m not even sad. I just feel unsatisfied with everything. I am slowly losing pleasure and enjoyment from everything that I do. I’ve tried going to new places, listening to new music, reading different books, watching different TV. Hell, even porn doesn’t get me excited anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just think I am becoming apathetic up to the point where I am just going to fade out of existence. I don’t know, I guess this is my dark secret because I haven’t told anyone.

  5. I got fired from my job last week, was emotionally crushed and cried like a baby. I can’t tell any of my friends for fear of losing the “smart guy of the group” stereotype.

  6. I once hooked up with a girl in college. I had a bandaid on my finger before hand. I didn’t have it after the deed was done. Never found that bandaid.

  7. I made a text short cut on my SO’s iPhone that automatically changes ”now” to “meow” when he texts. He has no idea why and always gets frustrated by it. I take great pleasure in getting texts like “I’m on my way right meow” or something.

  8. Back when I was 12 or younger, me and my other male friends would give each other “penis massages”. It’s hilarious because we had no clue what we were doing. We thought that this was what sex was like.

    Evidently this isn’t too uncommon, right?

  9. If my mother and brother died tomorrow, I’d be sad. But not that sad. They’ve tormented me for years.

  10. When I was younger my biological mother tried to kill me and my sister by stabbing us and slitting our throats. I have the scars to prove it too if anyone wants to see.

    EDIT: Here’s the imgur album for all of you curious mofos. The neck one is kinda hard to see but the chest scars are very visible.


    EDIT 2: Holy bitch tits I got my first ever gold! I also apparently have a great chest lol thanks for the confidence boost guys! =)

    EDIT 3: Here’s another link to the pics in case the first didn’t work. Thanks /u/Thesadzebra

  11. I’m constantly bored, getting out of bed is hard, and life has barely any meaning.

    Edit: Thanks a lot, everyone, I’d forgotten how kind people can be. I’m seriously considering opening up to people about this now.

  12. I took up powerlifting a few years ago. That in itself is not the secret. People think I am doing it to be strong. Really, I am doing it to be bigger and more muscular…and fatter. I am basically trying to turn myself physically into an offensive lineman on purpose. I have no idea why it appeals to be, but after spending most of my life as a scrawny nothing, I decided that I wanted to be a giant, and I am on my way to getting there.

    It is embarrassing to say that, but it is also liberating.

  13. I masterbating by sticking my dick in a stuffed crust pizza when I was young.

  14. I’m female. My mom died when I was 8. When I was a teenager I let my father have sex with me cause I thought he wouldn’t hit me if he fucked me.

  15. I had sex with a 12yo girl when I was 19. She lied about her age and had big breasts, was already sexually active and we were dating.
    When I was visiting her at her parents house, I found out the truth, I’d taken this girl to concerts, how the fuck she acquired a passable fake ID I’ll never know.
    I told her my ex and I were patching things up and we couldn’t date anymore. She said that was Ok, was a lie, but I didn’t want to go to prison for statutory rape.
    Well past the statute of limitations, so I’m not worried about it now, however I’ve never told anyone about it for fear of prison time and being labeled a registered sex offender for the rest of my life.
    Beware: early bloomers are crafty and can have fake IDs.

What are you secretly elitist about?

  1. Driving. Everyone sucks at it but me, and I am fully aware of how irrational this is.

  2. Awareness. God damn some people are just not aware of themselves nor their environment.

  3. Bagels.

    Don’t fuck with me, your opinions are shit on the matter I have so much research on this.

  4. I consume only the finest of free porn.

  5. Everything. That’s why I’m on Reddit.

  6. Gravy.

    I’ll judge the fuck out of you because of your gravy.

  7. Scotch, but that’s kinda the point isn’t it?

  8. Washing the dishes, my Girlfriends family was with cold water and it drive me insane.
    Hot water, Soap, Rinse then let dry. Simple

  9. Fucking ยข10 BIC pen? Get a decent writing instrument, you pleb!

  10. Mexican food. My family is Mexican and god damn it putting ground beef in a hard shell tortilla with sour cream is not Mexican food.

  11. Dishcloths. All these fucking peasants keep spreading grease around with their plastic dishcloths instead of washing it off with a proper full terrycloth one. Your pans shouldn’t still smell like tacos after you wash them.

  12. I only use Band-Aid bandages. Fuck the no-name brands.

  13. Nothing, I am the most humble person you will ever meet. Anyone else who tries to be humble is only doing a bad imitation of me

  14. Hotels. Frequent business traveller here. Can’t stand a dumpy hotel.
    Rule#1- never stay in a hotel with a number in the name.
    Rule #2- never stay in a hotel where you can see your room’s door from the parking lot.
    Rule #3- never stay at a hotel that “used to be” a different hotel.
    Dumpy hotels bum me out.

  15. The type of pants you are wearing out in public.

What’s a strange thing your body does that you assume happens to everyone but you’ve never bothered to ask?

  1. Occasionally my hearing will ‘go out’ and everything will go dull.. and then a high pitched frequency screeches for a few minutes. No one else hears it and everything else seems really hushed while it’s happening. Maybe it’s the aliens.

  2. I can hear the high pitched hum from TVs and other electronic devices.

    I learned a few years ago not everyone can do that.

  3. If I eat (usually something carb-y, like pancakes) without taking a drink of some liquid, I feel like all the food gets caught in my chest. And then when I do drink, it actually kid of painful for a few sips, but then I can feel the food move and the passageway clear. I always thought it was just eating too fast.

    …anyone else?

  4. Sometimes I can hear my blood pumping in my ears. When I was a little kid I thought it was my “train of thought”.

  5. Hearing a high pitched noise that is not quite tinitus when it is really quiet.

  6. Once in a while it feels like when I’m straightening my elbow it’s a little bit out of place and is going to crack something. I have to bend my elbow back in and “realign” it.

  7. I can make a loud rumbling sound in my ears at will without moving any muscle in my face. I have no idea what this is called but it kind of sounds like when you put your ear to a seashell at the beach…or a giant earthquake is happening

  8. i get the shudders when i poo sometimes.
    my body involuntarily wiggles for a second…but only happens sometimes…never told anyone that.

  9. Very often I get a weird sound in my throat, like air/liquid in my vocal cord.. I’ve never heard anybody else have that sound.

  10. Feeling my heart beat in all different parts of my body without even touching to feel for it, however when I actually try to look for my heart beat I can’t find it at all…

  11. Whenever I’m about to throw up my mouth fills with metallic tasting saliva. Like my saliva glands just go into overdrive. I can always tell a good minute before I’m about to throw up because of this. The only person I know that also has this happen is my brother. I’ve mentioned it to so many of my friends and none of them know what I’m talking about.

  12. Mine is precordial catch, which is where it hurts to breath in too far for a few minutes. Pretty obnoxious.

  13. I forget to breathe sometimes, I start to breathe really shallow and then just stop for a little bit then I realize oh shit i’m not breathing.

  14. Don’t know if it happens to anyone else but sometimes when I yawn, my mouth squirts out a little saliva. Am I normal?

  15. I’ll sometimes get a random pain in one of my boobs that lasts only a second then goes away. But most of my female friends say it happens to them too, so I’ve never asked about it.

People who used penis enlargement pills or equiptment, what were the results? NSFW

  1. There’s a documentary called “Unhung Hero” where this guy with a small penis tries all kinds of methods and pretty much nothing works

  2. I just kinda whip my dick side to side in the shower. So far it hasn’t done anything, but it sure is fun.

  3. >belts that stretch your dick all day

    What the fuck?!

  4. Lost count of how many years I’ve done it (4-5?) or even why I still do it, unfortunately don’t have initial stats. Stumbled on jelqing as a warmup stretch, figured if I was going to masturbate I may as well get something out of it. Spiraled into other things like day stretching, clamping, water pumps etc. I was self-employed so I wasn’t exactly going out in public or interacting directly with people that often, 6 hours a day in an office is the best way to do it.

    Earliest measure I have is 6.9×5.3 and currently sit at 7.5×5.7, pretty certain I was under 6.7 because I can double hand it now.

  5. As a guy with a not large penis let me tell a story. I have gone through my life, having a moderate amount of sex. Im married right now, to a woman I love very much. I have had sexual relationships that ended very badly, I mean, just the most awkward, terrible, badly. But, never once did a single girl say, “also, you got a tiny dick!!!” It just never happened, not matter what terrible things were said. The other night, after me and the wife had sex, I asked. “Is my dick ok?” She replied, “your dick is like the belle of the ball.” I didnt know whether to laugh or cry. The point is, waaay too many guys think theors dicks are too small just like waaay to many girls think their tits or ass is too flat. Lets just put away those insecurities and bang. Goodnight reddit.

  6. Jelqing does a bit. Cardio helps more. To give you some actual help, use of androgens such as Halotestin will extend your penis, and growth hormone use will make it wider. Its like a fucking tallboy beer can

  7. I took some pills for a year and now my dick is so big it goes from A to Z on the keyboard.

    Edit: Thanks for making my top comment about having a small dick…

  8. No serious tag? Good luck getting actual answers.

  9. Some Marines in my first platoon took a supplement called Ejaculoid. It promised “massive loads”, but eventually became a thing with our platoon where they’d try to get everybody to try it. They called themselves “Team Ejac”.

    I took it twice and noticed nothing. I’m a girl.

    Edit: Team Ejac also tried lifting weights with their dicks. There’s a video of them doing it in the barracks hallway, but they got in trouble with the command for putting it on YouTube.

  10. I’ve tried almost everything but nothing has ever worked for me. I think this is because I don’t have a penis.

  11. My brothers dick exploded… He described it as a peeled banana from all sides

  12. I’m actually pretty interested in this too. I’m okay with my length. I’ve come to terms with it… But my girth on the other hand. Can it get thicker is my question. Please come forth with knowledgable replies.

    Edit: thicker not “thinker”

  13. I’ve used a few, some worked but the pill gave me a very strange deformity which causes insane orgasms on any girl who is brave enough to ride the crooked monster. The results speak for themselves

  14. So how small are you, OP?

  15. This man made a documentary about it. It will answer all your questions and debunk all the myths.

You come across a hard of hearing Genie. What is your first wish? The next redditor to comment, though, comments what the Genie hears/delivers.

  1. Another Genie.

  2. I wish for unlimited money

  3. I wish that you were a deer.

  4. I wish for world domination

  5. I wish for world peace.

  6. I want to live on the moon.

  7. I wanna be batman

  8. I want a 12 inch pianist

  9. I wish you could hear much better

  10. I wish for a monster cock.

  11. I wish for god mode.

  12. I wish for extra wishes.

  13. Half Life 3.

  14. I wish to meet Benedict Cumberbatch.

  15. A number 9, large shake, and large fry.

Schizophrenics: how did it start? [Serious]

  1. For me it started by hearing my dad calling me from the living room when he wasn’t home. Sorry I’m not more interesting.

  2. It started to show up when I was 12-13, so not exactly what you’re looking for. It didn’t show up as hallucinations at first – mostly long and awful bouts of paranoia and anxiety. The first auditory symptom was that I would hear music that wasn’t playing. I didn’t think much of it, until I yelled at my sister to turn it off and she exchanged a look with my mother. Like another poster, I heard people call my name, or shout other commands like “come here” or “stop that” most often near the beginning.

  3. I started seeing cracks in things out of the corner of my eyes. or hear people talking in a distant room.

  4. I would have full blown conversations with imaginary people, and only after moving one of my limbs (I had been frozen in a position) did the “spell” of the hallucination break. Those people I was talking to were very, very real to me, I did not only hallucinate their voices and a vague sense of their physical form, but their history, their personality. It got so that whenever I conversed with someone, I constantly needed to check my body position to make sure that I was grounded in reality. It got so that I would speak aloud to respond to a person (in a bank, say) and find the hallucination dispelled and people staring at me. That is when I knew I was not like others.

    The hardest part of the hallucination is when it breaks, and I cannot understand how my own mind weaved the context of this encounter with such realism… that I had been speaking to a person I had known my entire life, and yet I had hallucinated him for the first time for only the span of a minute.

    What IS reality, why are you more real than this person I speak to in my mind? For the moment I speak to these figments, they are just as real as you or I. Part of my battle with schizophrenia has been coming to term with the fact that these ARE figments, it is so very hard and dispiriting to have to tell yourself that you cannot be trusted. I do not want any of this, I wish I were not this way.

  5. I think it started well before I realized it was there, but the first time I realized there was a problem was when I felt like I was listening to someone else’s thoughts. It was like the voice inside my head was not mine – like I wasn’t in control of my own thoughts. Hard to describe.

  6. My first signs were where I would hear people calling my name in the distance, even though no one is around. Then came the bugs, I would see giant black flies and beetles.

    Soon I found myself becoming intrigued with a number for no particular reason.

    It’s true what they say about not knowing you’re crazy until a psychiatrist tells you so. As of right now I’m on medication and seeing a therapist in order to deal with the stress that comes with it.

  7. My mother went undiagnosed until she was in her 30’s — everyone just said she was “crazy” sometimes, but no one was around her enough to really grasp the depth of it. Other than me. She had a couple friends, but the rest of the family lived in another state and never visited much. Her relationships never lasted long, until she met my belated step-dad (who I called my dad). Unfortunately, he too was frequently away on business trips — though, eventually, she had an “episode” so bad while he was home that he was the one to get her to the doctors enough to demand a diagnosis.

    Despite all this, like I said, I was around her all the time, and was always around for the symptoms.

    She had me when she was 24, while in the army, and was discharged at age 29 after being admitted into a mental facility for doing something insane involving a higher-ranking guy (she never told me what that was exactly; I wondered sometimes if she could remember what it was). While she was in the army, I lived with my grandparents.

    Some of my earliest memories involve her sending me letters … I learned to read when I was 3, so I’d read them aloud to my grandma. Most of them would make sense, but a few times, they were worded in a way that didn’t make sense, and my grandmother would snatch the letter away and try to tell me what my mother MEANT to say.

    For my 4th birthday, she sent me a doll with a note telling me to hide it where no one could find it. I only remember that because I kept the note for years afterward.

    When she got back, she took custody and got a job. Most of the time when I was a kid, she’d be totally normal (despite a drinking problem — but the things she said and did would make sequential/logical sense). But once in a while, she’d scream at me for making too much noise, or freak out at me for misplacing things “on purpose” (even just moments after I would watch her move the “misplaced” items) — usually silverware, shoes, toiletries … Mundane things. But she became increasingly paranoid about things not being in their “proper places”, due to imagining me moving them about the house for no reason.

    I knew this wasn’t normal b/c my grandparents and teachers didn’t do these things … It’s just that I was a little kid, and no one listened to me when I mentioned the problems. My grandparents, aunt & uncle would just try to change the subject, to sweep it under the rug.

    That was mostly it for the paranoid schizophrenia when I was a kid — there were solitary occurrences where strange shit would happen, like when I once found her laying on the floor, kicking a wall, because she was “trying to get away” (no explanation). But those may have been drug-related. She didn’t do hard drugs until I was 10+, not that I knew of, but it’s possible she did them on the sly.

    Then when I was around … 11-12, I think, she went into liver failure from Hepatitis C. The liver failure caused hepatic encephalopathy (basically … “poison” in the brain).

    She recovered from the liver failure, but the paranoid schizophrenic outbursts were MUCH MUCH worse after that. Like, full meltdown insanity, far more often.

    For some reason, she always believed I was the aggressor, the one doing things that would frighten/annoy/anger her.

    At first, she kept up with simply more-frequent screaming-attacks & groundings, when “I” would “say” awful things (in reality, I was always extremely polite & quiet, for fear of setting her off), or “move things”, etc.

    After about a year or so, this escalated to slaps, then to throwing things at me, then to full beatings (with fists or heavy objects), then to burning me with cigarettes or scraping me with glass, then to trying to put pills in my drinks (usually vicodin, but sometimes paxil, or, until he caught on and started hiding it, my dad’s heart medicine … I quickly learned not to trust any of the drinks in the house). Finally, when I was 15-16, she began simply strangling me, and slamming my head into things.

    All of these abusive outbursts were rooted in her belief that I was trying to say mean things, or make her “go crazy”, or hurt her somehow, because she’d imagine it all.

    One example: It was summer vacation and I was sleeping late. My dad had dropped off donuts that morning before heading out, but I hadn’t been awake for it. He always got powdered lemon-filled for my mother and strawberry-iced or jelly-filled for me.

    I was woken up, with my mother’s hands around my throat, shaking my head, squeezing as hard as she could, while she screamed that I had eaten HER donuts, the ones dad bought for HER. That I had somehow maliciously snuck into the kitchen to pilfer the donuts SHE liked, that I didn’t know were there, while I was asleep … and this grievance was somehow bad enough to warrant death by vice-grip.

    The kicker? She had a bit of powdered sugar on the side of her lip. I’m 30 and I still can’t forget that image.

    She was diagnosed when I was about 13 or 14, but we hit hard times shortly after, and couldn’t afford insurance. So no medication. No counseling. No relief.

    Paranoid schizophrenia ruined my childhood, and I’m scared shitless that I somehow inherited it. Every unexpected sound makes me so frightened that I could become my mother. It’s horrible.

    Anyway, sorry for the novel.

  8. A good friend and ex, whom I’ve known for 12 years, started showing signs in the 3rd year of our relationship. He started obsessing over certain topics, getting distracted really easily and talking about “visions in dreams” that he had. By the time I finally got him to see a doctor he was fairly sick. He thought he saw a comet that hung in the sky for 10 minutes (I was standing right beside him and there wasn’t one) and he thought I had wings for a whole week. He doesn’t hear voices and is classified as schizo-affective/bipolar sub type.

    He is medicated now and does fairly well, works, lives on his own, but I can see in his eyes that it’s not him anymore. It’s heart breaking.

  9. It runs in my family. My maternal grandfather is schizophrenic, my mother, and my younger sister.

    I don’t know about the onset of my grandfather because he left my grandmother when their kids were very young.

    My mother started showing symptoms in the lower to mid 20’s. She already had my older sister and was pregnant with me. She would retreat into her own world because it was safer there. The people in the radio couldn’t get to her. She wouldn’t get out of bed except to use the bathroom and get water for a few days at a time. The worst of that portion was after I was born. My two year old sister had to feed me and take care of me because my dad worked on oil rig supply ships in the gulf of Mexico and was gone for two to three months at a time. He didn’t know how bad it was until the neighbors told him that they were helping to take care of us, and they would see my sister bathing us in the overflowing gutters during rain storms.

    My dad got a job in another state so he could be home every night, to take care of all of us. She was in and out of the mental hospital (as a young child, I was only excited about the frozen orange juice when visiting), claiming the orderlies were trying to kill the patients at night. When my little sister was two, my mom left for California (we lived in Virginia). No warning, just decided she didn’t want a family; my dad fulfilled his role by bringing her to America (she is from the Philippines, where my dad met her) and introducing the idea of a government that will take care of those who won’t take care of themselves.

    She still has episodes when she doesn’t take her medicine. Last time I saw her, she was spraying bleach on everything in the house to kill the large black beetles that weren’t there, cut my face out of the few photos she took with her and claimed that I wasn’t her daughter; I was an imposter that shared the same name. She held conversations with herself (usually full fledged arguments), but I could only hear one side of it because she was looking and talking to the air.

    My sister started showing signs at 18. She was getting too caught up in conspiracy theories and the end of the world. The look in her eyes was the most haunting part. She doesn’t grasp the concept of consequences like she used to, and doesn’t care. She called us from jail one time and said she’s bored with it, can someone come pick her up. She is in LA last we heard. We can’t take her in because she is too destructive. She will have a conversation with herself about how pretty flames are, or get mad at an inanimate object and start swinging an axe at the walls.

    I hate schizophrenia.

    Edit: clarification.

    Edit 2: thank you for the gold.

  10. It started shortly my birthday in November of 2013. I started to get extremely depressed, to the point where I wouldn’t leave my bed for any reason. I was afraid that someone was going to kill me if I went outside or made eye contact with anyone.

    Then the voices started. Some of them were just like ambient noise, some of them would comment on what I was doing or thinking, and others would just scream at me or say my name. I had to do something and fast so I went to my college’s Student health center. I was put through triage, and was the first person to get help.

    I talked to three doctors who all asked what my symptoms were and what I was feeling. They referred me to the school psychiatrist who prescribed me the medicination risperidone (Risperdal). It wasn’t very effective at treating my symptoms to we switched to Abilify. It was like a dream come true. I had my motivation back again! But it also caused this feeling of restlessness to the point where I couldn’t sit down for very long.

    After all this I was switched to my current drug, Olanzapine (Zyprexa). It’s excellent at treating psychosis and my paranoia. I am also on Wellbutrin XL for depression and Ativan for anxiety.

    If you have any questions, please let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. It started for me when I was 23ish. I was really stressed and started getting really paranoid and couldn’t sleep and was ultra-anxious and it was just what you’ve read in this thread already, the self-depreciating voices.

    I think at its “scariest” I had actually thought I was possessed by someone else because the voice was as clear as day and I could have conversations with it in my head. It knew stuff I didn’t know and it was giving me a message. He said he’s name was Elon or something close to that.

    Recently they’ve been mellow. I just went through an episode of slight visual and auditory hallucinations. The visual ones aren’t that bad but the audio ones are pretty trippy because they can be pretty clear and convincing until you pinpoint the source and realize there’s nothing there.

    For me, external noises would always provoke it. So if the dryer was on it sounded like my sister was playing music loudly in the next room. If the vent in my bathroom was on, it would sound like my parents were playing a vintage radio stream from their room.

    Hope that helps!

  12. I don’t tell many people but I was diagnosed at 20 and for years acted like it wasn’t happening. I took medication for everything from bipolar disorder to social anxiety disorder but avoided anything even remotely linked to schizophrenia out of fear of social stigma.

    It started for me during what felt like any other night. I was home alone when all the sudden I hear my ex girlfriends voice like it was coming down a hallway. At first I think “Eh, I’m just imagining it” and shrugged it off and moved on. This got to be a frequent occurrence but I chalked it up to a bad breakup Then I started seeing “shadows” and that’s when I started realizing that maybe something was wrong, but one doc said depression, one said anxiety and the rest said bipolar and out of fear for what people would think I popped the pills and played along until I couldn’t.

    There’s no worse feeling than being 22 and having to involuntarily commit yourself for evaluation because you’re so far removed from the world that your own family is scared of you.

    But, after a thorough stay and the perfect combination of medication took their course I finally admitted what was wrong and was able to start living a fairly normal life.

    I’m 31 now and have a daughter, I take my meds every night and hold down a full time job, something I couldn’t do back then. The reason I told this story? Because there are others out there going through what I went through, afraid to admit there’s anything wrong, and I want them to know that is okay to get help. The meds don’t change who you are, they give you the chance to show the world and be a part of it.

    Edit: sorry for crappy spelling and typos, typed this from my phone.

  13. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia six years ago, but started having symptoms a few years before that.

    For me it started with what were very like panic attacks – a building sensation of pressure over several hours or days that finally exploded out of me in the form of nonsense words, random twitches, and screaming paranoia.

    The first time I can remember having what would be considered “classic” schizophrenic symptoms was after a period of this building pressure I fled my friends because I thought they were plotting against me, hid in some nearby woods, and then sat in tears as I watched the sky catch fire.

  14. For me it started with random noises and sounds that weren’t really there. Kind of like the ocean sound you hear when you put your ear up to a seashell. I didn’t think much of it, because my hearing has always been wonky due to excessive amounts of ear infections. Every time I get sick, ear infection. Ever since I was a little kid. So I’m used to excess fluids and stuff making weird noises in my head. Eventually it got worse and became more like whispers and mumbling. It wasn’t constant, but definitely increasing in frequency. The whispers were identifiable as human speech, but I could never make out any words or what they were saying. By senior year in high school, the visual hallucinations started. Excessive amounts of “black shadows” in my peripheral vision. By this time, I had already been diagnosed and was receiving treatment. I didn’t like the way the medicine me feel (flat and dull, unable to feel anything. Like living life on autopilot) and it seemed to be getting worse instead of better so I stopped taking it once I turned 18. I still hear the auditory hallucinations and feel like people are plotting against me, but without medication I feel empowered and can convince myself that it’s not real. I’m 24 now, and overall doing much better. I’m happy with my life and where it’s going. I don’t tell alot of people what I deal with on a daily basis, or how hard I have to work to appear “normal”, but I’m proud of myself and that’s all that matters. I wish I could share with some of my friends and acquaintances, but unfortunately people are still very ignorant when it comes to mental disorders, and I don’t want people to think I’m a serial killer just because my brain works a bit differently. :/

  15. I don’t know when it started because I don’t remember ever feeling scared or startled by this. But half the time whenever I turned on a water faucet, it would feel like I could almost hear a conversation in the background, but not quite. I guess I kind of rationalized it as just listening too hard–the way that when you focus really hard on the way your tongue moves when you swallow, suddenly swallowing doesn’t feel natural anymore.

    Over the years, the whispers of almost-conversations became the echoes of actual-conversations became the voices in the water faucet talking to each other became the voices in the water faucet talking to me. Pretty much any kind of white noise, I often start to hear voices in it. (I’d be really curious to know whether this is a common thing for other schizophrenics. Like maybe it is just my brain somehow trying to force patterns and sense into stochastic stimuli?)

    There are other, possibly more ‘interesting’ symptoms but this is the one that has been the most persistent and consistent.

    When I was first diagnosed, I was put on some pretty heavy medication. It was terrifying how quiet the world became.